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Hi guys! I'm sorry I haven't updated and that this isn't an update. It's a question. I am having an obsession of Ed Sheeran right now and his mind blowing touching songs that make you want to cry nonstop (my friend knows).

So I thought, what about writing an Ed Sheeran....

I know! I'm writing THREE fanfics. That will still happen, but I might cut my sacconejolys one (make it short, or delete it). I'm sorry, it's not the best it could be and I don't think I'm that into writing it.

If you really don't want me to delete the Sacconejolys, comment but if hardly anyone says so, I'll just have to read it. I'll try and write about Sacconejoly in the future, of course. I just think an Ed Sheeran fanfic will be amazing.

I am a youtuber fan, but a bit of Ed!

I hope you like this idea, comment your opinion. If I get 10 comments saying you want ed Sheeran or you don't want SacconeJolys, I'll delete Sacconejoly's or at least put it on hold..... No, I'll delete it, I don't think it!

So comment on this part, and I hope you guys want me to write about ed Sheeran because I really want to and as I love him and his music so soooo much, I think I can really bring a fanfic about him, to life.

Love you guys, thanks for reading everything!

No, I haven't finished Narcus. It's still going and comment your feelings about it because I love seeing you all say that you like it, love it or DIE FOR IT. Jk

Your amazing people and YEH, I love you lots <3 xxxx

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