Jazz || Marcus

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I'm a complete idiot. Why am I so dumb? Why can't my brain function that I like Niomi, yet it makes me go and chat up the waitress. Then the next thing I know, I have an annoying girlfriend.

She's really nice actually. She's called Jazz and she is pretty. She and I went out for dinner last night at Nandos. We talked, she laughed, I joked, we flirted, she kissed me, I kissed back, I walked her home, she said she couldn't wait for next time, I said the same thing, she said bye, I said bye. That whole date was amazing, and if I didn't know Niomi, I might really like Jazz.

But no. No, no, no... NO.

I know Niomi. She's not only my bestfriend, she's my soul mate. No, I won't go too deep. But I see Niomi differently. When she laughs, I want to die. When she smiles, my heart skips all my beats. When she hugs me, I want to cry. I don't feel that way ever and suddenly it happens. But she has friend zoned me. I'm now her bestfriend when all I want to be is more.

The reason I said I'll talk to Jazz, was because it didn't look like Niomi wanted to get with me so I thought I'd make getting over her easier for me. That didn't work. Because now, I'm sitting in Nandos, with a beautiful lady across me. Interesting, beautiful and kind. Yet all I think about is when I can get home and call Niomi for a meet up. That's not right.

So when I tell Matt, he is no help.

"Mate, is Jazz hotter?" Matt asks, as we stuff our mouths with Perri chicken. I sigh and throw a piece of chicken at him.


Matt picks the chicken up and throws it in his mouth. "Matt, I'm just making it easier for you. The prettier (or hotter) is the one you love. Simple. Dude, it's not maths! You literally look at her!"

"It's not like that! But Niomi is prettier... But she's friend zoned me Matt!" I complain, sighing.

Matt smirks at me. I don't like it when he looks like that. The last time he did that, I was called up to release him from the cells. His parents were angry and he was messed up with his beer. I don't trust that look.

Matt stands up and looks at me, down. "Then we un friend zone you. Like I said dude, it's not maths."

Sorry this was short, it was kind of showing you what had happened x

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