Meeting them || Niomi

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As I wake up, I know I have to face school.

Being behind in lessons. Having to ignore Izzy even though that will be hard and I'll probably forgive her really quickly because I can't be asked to fight with her anymore. Even if it was for the right reason.

If I hadn't cleared it up with Marcus, school would be a lot tougher right now. Which is the only good thing.

I don't wait for Izzy to text me to meet her at the bus stop. I go on my own, but I walk. It's not too far, but Izzy always said she couldn't care less about fitness when a hill is that high. It's not too high, but it's so tiring.

As I walk through the gates, I see Marcus talking with his friends. A few girls staring at them, giggling. Marcus spins to see me and grins, his smile wider than his face. I smile and wave, then walk away.

"Niomi!" Marcus calls, running after me. I walk faster but he stops me and looks into my eyes. "Where are you going?" He asks meaningfully.

I look around slowly and whisper, "we have a crowd." There so many girls and boys around us, crowding around. They stare at me and I stare back, too shocked to say or doing anything helpful.

"Guys, back off! Cmon, move away, yeah? That's right, keep it moving" a guy says walking through, moving his hands in gesture off PUSH OFF.

The crowd finally disappears and I can breathe. "Ugh. Thanks Matt, man!" Marcus pats the guy, Matt, on the back.

"Its kay. So Niomi, right?" Matt says. He looks me up and down. "She's hot Mark, keeper, yeah?" Marcus blushes and whispers "MATT." I shift a giggle of his cute embarrassment and blushing. He looks so cute!

"Um, thanks. We are just friends though so, not girlfriend and boyfriend" I confirm, so he gets it.

God, I wish I was.





My feelings never go away.

A few guys jump next to me and say "Hey! I'm Harry!"


The third guy smiles. "I'm Jason Derulo. No, I'm Sam. But I wish I was, he's the best man."

I smile at him. "I'm Niomi" I say to them all. "Friend of Marcus's."

"We are going to the basketball nets to practise for PE" Dan says. "Wanna come watch?"

Marcus looks at me in a pleading way so I smile more.

"Sounds like a plan."

"Great, move it, you donkey ass!" Dan says, pushing Harry who is stuffing down on a chocolate bar.

I follow them to see Izzy walking past me. She sees me and stares right through me like I'm not there.

Some friends, are fake.


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