Annoyed || Niomi

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As soon as I put the phone down, I moan. Where did that come from? It's all true though. Izzy was right... Again. I shouldn't have said all that. That was rude of me. Either Marcus doesn't believe me or he hates me.

I sigh and go downstairs to get dinner. Mum is sitting down and looking at a book. She notices me and smiles.

"Hey" she says, "order Chinese tonight? It's Saturday."

"Yeah alright" I say sadly and start to go upstairs.

"Hey!" Mum says. I turn around, annoyed already that she wasn't letting me go. "You get so excited about Chinese! What's wrong with you!" I shake my head as in - I DONT WANT TO TALK WITH YOU. I walk up the stairs.

"Niomi Smart!" Mum calls angrily. I spin on my step, storm down the stairs and say quietly "yeah."

Mum walks to me and hugs me. I don't hug her back but I feel better. She looks at me and says, "what's wrong?"

I smile at her and say, "my life is wrong right now, Mum." I pull away and walk up the stairs, leaving Mum to stare.


I call Izzy later and tell her what I said.

"You bad word!" Izzy yells down onto the phone.

"What? You were right about him being popular, I understand you now. Why are you swearing at me?"


"Izzy stop swearing."

"Idiot!" Izzy yells. "I freaking told you that we need to un friend zone! Your so stupid! Niomi, Marcus is popular of course! But he still hangs out with you! I can't explain how angry I am at you!"

I built up the courage to say "well it's my life."

"Then don't fricking call me for help if your going to ignore me and ruin your life! You don't ever listen to me when I know best, not little Niomi who can't even kick a ball with out screening and running away! You never listen, it's always you! You are such a bad friend! God, I wish I was friends with anyone but you right now! Niomi! Niomi! Can't catch a ball, she's that lonely!"

Silence. I can't believe she said that to me. My anger was building up until now, where I let it all out. I'm going to say what annoyed me most about Izzy, that I've been saving up to say for when I'm really angry. Well it's time.

"Izzy, do you remember in primary when we met. The popular girl, Erin, and her friends bullied me. When I met you, I told you that and you said you would never hurt me. And you'd protect me. You'd never ever be mean. You promised on our friendship.Then We had to play football for PE. I had to catch a ball and I couldn't. The teacher gave up on me and said I can't catch. Erin made up a song called, 'Niomi is Lonely.' They sang it everywhere. You said that I should forget what you said, about never hurting me, because you knew you probably would. But you swore on the world, on your families life and on our friendship, that you would never sing that song, not even hum it. I admired you so much and loved you, thinking I was the luckiest to have you." I could feel emotion. Tears filling in my ears. I wipe my eye with my hand.

I hear Izzy breathing heavily.

"Niomi I -"

"I was so happy" I sob. "To see how honest yet trustworthy you are, were. And now, your... your singing the song that kills me. That made me want to die. Your breaking your promise and your breaking our friendship." I gulp, tears making my sight blurry and horrible.

"I wanted to die because of that song" I whisper, shivering through my tears that were making me cold.

Izzy gasps. "Look, I'm sorry, it just annoys me when you say your right when, your not!" She laughs nervously.

"IZZY THIS IS SERIOUS!" I yell, throwing my book (that was on my lap) on the floor. "I'm doubting whether I want you to be my friend anymore!"

"You wouldn't. You have no one else" Izzy says and smirks.

"Now you don't either" I whisper and slam the phone down before Izzy can reply. That's it, my life is over.

I've lost Marcus, my best friend and my crush. I've never that way before. I'm glad I ended it, because it will kill me to see Jazz and Marcus.

Izzy, was the only person I could talk to before Marcus.

Some days really suck.



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