Modelling? || Niomi

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"I have no idea where we are, Marky" I say. Dam! I'll be so late and this is goin to be my 'big break.' Apart from Youtubing of course. Why did we take the left... Or the right... Which way did we go?!

"We are in London... Oh there's a map!" Marcus points at the board with a map of London. I hurry over to it and look. I feel Marcus next to me, staring at the board. I see 'London Field Centre' just under the bridge.

"There! London Field Centre!" I point at it. "So we go left... Right... Turn the landing.."

"Okay, Nimbob, we just need to go!"

We run through the town centre, looking out for signs or overdressed girls that might be late and modelling as well. Marcus stops every now and then, to check a big sign, but then runs again.

Panting, I gasp as I see the fifth sign that says 'London Field Centre Ahead.' I grin and pull Marcus with me as I run ahead. My feet are killing me, in my new red heels. They aren't good in running, as you probably know by now! My hair is messed up and not curly so I know I'll have to get that done again. Yay, sitting down with someone pulling at my hair! Why can't I just do it? I honestly don't see the point of people doing your hair when you can just do it yourself.

When Marcus sees the centre, he yells "we did it baby!"

I hug him hard and run inside. Maddie, the manager of Alfie, is there. She agreed to help me as I haven't got a 'manager' yet. "Hello, Niomi! Don't worry, your not late" she winks at me. I smile at her, shaking her hand.

"Thanks! Hi!"

Maddie laughs. "Follow me, you might have to be touched up again." She stops walking and looks at Marcus. She grins. "Hey Marcus! You might want to say bye to Niomi now, I don't think you will see her until again the show. You should go get your seats, here are your tickets."

She hands Marcus his tickets. Marcus looks at them. Probably checking if they are right or whatever. Basically once, we went to see The Other Women, and the tickets were for an action movie. So he checks every time now. "Thanks, Maddie." He looks at me and kisses me quickly. "Don't worry about it, Nimbobs. You'll do great! Just try not to trip, because that will be embarrassing."

"Thanks" I say sarcastically and I hug him. He kisses me again and hugs me back. We stay still for a few seconds and pull away, him grinning. He walks away and Maddie smiles at me.

"Cute. Now let's go!"


"This is Dhara. She will being doing your makeup and hair. Well, at least, fixing them as you already have done an amazing job!" Maddie laughs, patting 'Dhara' on the shoulders.

She looks up and smiles. "Hi Niomi!"

"Hello!" I say and I shake her hand. Maddie grasps her hands together and grins. "Okay, people! We have an hour till first act goes up! Miss Samantha Holds. Then Amber Right, then our Niomi Smart!" He winks at me. "We need to get act 1, 2 and 3 ready. So Dhara is in charge of Niomi. Emily, your for Amber and Jessica, your doing Samantha! Go!"

Dhara gestures me to sit at the table. "Okay Niomi, I'm just going to do makeup, then hair."

I nod, and look ahead of me at a beautiful girl having make up done to her. Am I pretty that pretty?!



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