Time to talk || Marcus

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Niomi had been down all week. I can tell by the way she talks on Skype, sometimes, she's been crying. When I found out that she and Izzy had a huge fight, I was shocked and felt so bad for Niomi as it would be like losing Matt. Losing Matt, would be something I really don't want to happen. So to make Niomi smile, I decided to talk with Izzy.


It is now the next day. I'm walking to school with Niomi. Which is great because now my friends like her and it's no longer weird. Niomi is also getting popular as Marcus's girlfriend, and rumours are spreading. But we don't mind, or care.

As soon as we get to school, I tell her that I'm doing one extra maths lesson. So I can go and talk to Izzy, and get them to be friends again. I know, I'm such a nice guy.

"Okay! Good luck Marky!" Niomi grins and walks away.

I wave and then spin on my heal. I run past the library to the music rooms. Niomi told me that Izzy was a music freak. I run to the main room and check. A guy and girl kissing, a girl playing piano, a few guys playing around and ANOTHER girl and guy kissing. No Izzy.

Angrily, I turn around to see Izzy staring at me. She has fair hair that glows, like in tangled. Did I just refer a girl to a Disney film?

That's something I should keep quiet for a long time. Maybe forever. Defiantly forever now I think about it.

"Marcus?" She asks, faintly shocked.

"Yeah" I say, leaning against the wall to catch my breath from all that running. I'm not an athletic guy. Well I am. What can I say though? Running just isn't my strongest point.

"Well... I'm going inside there so" she says and she starts walking past me. I grab her quickly before she can open the door.

"Hey!" She yells, pushing at me.

"No, listen to me. Then you can go in." I look at her struggling. She stares at me, huffs
and stops moving. I also notice her roll her eyes but I try to ignore that.

"Niomi told me about your fight" I say.

Izzy looks down and I see tears from her eyes as she moves. I don't want to make her cry. But she made Niomi cry.

Trying to stay strong, I say "you shouldn't have sang that song, it's her worst memory of school."

"What do you know?" Izzy hisses but she sighs. "I know! I did a horrible thing, I was just so angry, she never listens to me."

I look at her with hatred in my eyes. Niomi always listens to her. She's too scared to disagree. This is the first time she has stood up for her self. And it was because of me.
So I should make it right. I should bring them together like I brought them apart, she's the only way.

"She listens to you more than she listens to herself. You need your bestfriend back" I reason.

"I don't need her" Izzy scowls. "I have Soph."

Soph. Soph is the girl Niomi told me about. The one who bullies Niomi. I can't believe Izzy.

"You know who Soph is right?" I say rudely at her, gesturing my hands in a - WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE gesture.

"No! No.. She's the only person who let me into the group. She's really mean but like
you pointed out, who else do I have?" Izzy let out, throwing her hair back and leaning against the wall.

"Izzy, you need her" I say softly, touching he shoulder so she looks at me. She sighs and nods slowly.

"right" she says. "I'll talk to her tonight." She looks me up and down. "Your alright, you know" she smirks. "Don't hurt Niomi though. Seriously."

She walks into the room and slams the door. I grin to myself. Her inner bestfriend to Niomi is already coming back.


Niomi texts me saying she can't Skype. I text back saying it's okay. Me and Niomi Skype every night now. She's one of the group.

I decide to find a little more about what the guys think of Niomi. I send a group message. They reply in seconds:

MarkMan - guys wat do u think bout niomi

M_attJ42 - love her. Bae

MarkMan - wtf man lol

M_attJ42 - nah I lik her

SamDeruloo - evry1 makes fun of me wen sayz dat I like Jason she smiled @ me, can I
hav her number?

I can't give Sam her number. I can't, I just can't. I mean, I still like Niomi.

Oh I ended it with Jazz. She was cheating on me though so it wasn't like I was to blame so. But it's Niomi, and I'm still falling for her everyday. Yet she won't let me explain my
feelings ugh. I feel so annoyed at Sam.

MarkMan - r u crazy ?? nah dude she's my friend

SamDeruloo - sounds like some1 likes niomi

M_attJ42 - fgs !!!! I c it Marcus u like Niomi hahahaha

MarkMan - guys shut up

M_attJ42 - u do

SamDeruloo - ha

MarkMan - p*** off u guys

M_attJ42 - ttyl

SamDeruloo - mate ttyl

MarkMan - alright

Were they right? YES.

Things are getting crazy.


Guys I'm writing a Jaspar and a Sacconejolys fanfic, so i won't be as active in here as im writing 3 fanfics are once but I'll try xx

Sorry for this p*** - need some swearing in this fanfic ha x

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