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Hey guys!

Ik, im writing on the wrong fanfic right? Well I'm not :)

I hit 10k on this fanfic and that is incredible! Not even possible! It's so crazy and amazing and yeah :)

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So instead of updating a YouTube House, I thought I'd update one last chapter to celebrate 10 thousand reads and how thankful I am of reaching it. It's a huge deal and I never thought I'd even get to 50 reads! It's insane and I'm so thankful (said thankful to many times right!)

So enjoy this last chapter and who knows, if I hit higher, I might update again :)

I am also introducing Bethany Mota into my new fanfic, the youtube hour. I recently started loving her videos and her, so I wanted to add her in x

Love you all and thank you so so so much for everything xxxxx


"Marky!" I call, getting more annoyed, the longer he spent in that stupid bathroom.

"Sorry!" He calls back but doesn't come out.

I moan. "I have to do my hair and makeup!"

We are going to Tessa's school, she's graduating today. I'm so proud of her. She has anxiety and Zoe really helped her with the fact that Tessa could not walk out on stage without falling off or crying. Zoe helped Tessa to believe in her self and the techniques that you would use to help your anxiety. I'm so thankful to Zoe and to Tessa for trying and not giving up. And now we see her happy.

If Marcus doesn't get out of that bloody bathroom.

"WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE!" I screech, banging on the door repetitively to urge him to hurry up. The door opens and Marcus glares at me, his face covered in foam. I start laughing at him as he narrows his eyes.

"Two more minutes" he declares and walks back in slowly.

I smile to myself and walk back into the our bedroom and start getting changed. I put my red dress that I brought with Tessa and I start my makeup on the smaller mirror which is really hard but I have no choice.

Marcus finally opens the door as I start my hair, which I am now used to the small mirror.

"Wow, I hurried up for you" he says, tickling me.

"No!" I laugh, jumping away from him. "Sorry! I can't risk being late!"

"We can't risk being late. I know, I'm trying Nimbob!" He complains, going to his wardrobe and picking out some clothes.

"I know" I say soothingly, going to him and hugging him. "I'm just nervous for her. It's her worst nightmare ever, and she's facing it."

"She'll be fine. Zoe helped her more than we probably are letting our selfs think" Marcus reply, leaning on my head. "Let's just agree that she will be fine and it will be amazing, yeah?"

"Yeah." I grin at him and go back to the mirror and continue fixing my makeup. Marcus chucks on some clean clothes and then says, "are you ready?"

"Yup!" I say, grabbing my coat and camera. "Remember your camera, Tessa is okay if we Vlog it, she said."

"Cool" Marcus says, grabbing his camera and opening the door. I run out after him, going to the car.


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