The End || Niomi

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Note: This is the last chapter.


*20 years on*

I am forty-one years old. Now. Youtubing is bigger than ever, and it's going on much more. People are saying its an actual job now. All the debating about it has stopped and it's a job. Me and Marcus married each other fifth teen years ago. Jim and Tanya's wedding was a wake up call I guess. It was amazing. And now we have three kids. Tessa who is thirteen, Andy who is four and Anna who is three. They are the light to my tunnel, but Marcus is the most important. He's my tunnel (if that makes sense). I'll tell you about my other friends.

Zoe and Alfie are married. Nala is a very old puppy, very ill. It's sad, as it seems they will loose her soon. They have two kids, a boy and a girl (twins) called Aaron and Meggy who are ten. They are living in Brighton still. As are we. We love it here and with the reason Alfie and Zoe stayed was because they love it here, plus with Zoe's anxiety. It's easier for her to be near the sea.

Jim and Tan have one child called Henry and he's sixteen. He's their little angel. They never wanted any kids but something changed there mind. We still meet up daily to catch up and talk. I spend all my spare time on YouTube, with Vlogs and so on. But I don't mind that it's my spare time. It doesn't feel that way. I love youtube and I always will. It's my life.


Mummmm, please! Daniel is a kind person, so what he smashed someone's window! He probably did it by accident!" Tessa begs me as I cook breakfast/lunch. Well, bunch.

Tessa is (yet again) asking me to meet with this boy called Daniel. He seems horrible and I've noticed bad changes in Tessa because of him and her being around him. So this time I made sure that she never saw him again. He was rude to us as well.

"Tess, honey. Daniel is not a good boy. I'm only doing this to save you and you will never get that until later on in life when you have kids" I say as calmly as possible and I wince when the door slams in my face.

"Daniel?" Marcus asks, coming in and kissing me on the head.

"Yup" I sigh, sitting down on the chair, Marcus coming and sitting next to me as well. "She doesn't understand how hard I try to look after her. Daniel is not a good boy."

"His mother hates him apparently" Marcus says. "It's a bad boy. No one likes him... But I guess we have have to give credit to the boy."

I choke on a biscuit I am about to eat. "Credit?"

Marcus laughs and puts me on the back. "Hun, have you ever seen Tessa smile as much as she has before? She loves him and she doesn't see the bad side. But I'm sure there's a good side."

I nod. He's right, she smiles so much now. "But the changes-"

"That's puberty Nimbob! Don't worry it happens. You just need to calm the hell down!"

"Fine! I'll go tell her" I sigh going to Tessa's room. I knock.

"COME INNNNNNNNN!" Tessa yells through the door. I come in. Tessa is sitting on her bed crying.

"Tess!" I run and hug her. She sobs into my blouse which cost so much but I know it's not the right time to bring that up.

"He dumped me! He said now or never and.. I saw the boy you saw. He's an idiot, liar. He broke the window because he hated the the family because he thought they were an ugly family! Ugly! How is that...?" She moans.

"Why are you crying? You wanted him to break up with you, didn't you?" I ask softly, stroking her head as she leans on me.

"It's the fact that he said I was ugly, not smart, an idiot.. He called me a slut" Tessa whispers. "He said I was a slut Mum. How is that fair?"

"Honey" I say. "He was with you for a long time so he clearly thought you were beautiful. You get top marks so your smart. Your not an idiot, he is. And... You have kissed two boys in your life. That's your dad and him. You haven't done anything so your not a.... slut."

Before Tessa can continue, I speak. "He loved you. Even though he treated you like rubbish right now, he loved you. Now, you need to cheer! Your out of the woods!"

"Thanks Mum. Love you" Tessa says and I kiss her and go out of the room. Andy comes storming into me, so I jump out of my own physical feet with shock. He's a funny little one. Always somewhere. You just never know where he will be. "Andy!" I gasp, picking him up. "What was that for?"

"Dunno!" He giggles. I miss his nose and take him downstairs to the kitchen. "Remember your play date tomorrow?"

"No" he chuckles as I place him in his chair.

"Try!" I hiss at him. Then I remember Anna's still asleep. I get a text from Marcus which confused me.

Marcus: Hey, I noticed that someone took the chocolate for Zalfie so gonna buy more. Love you x

I replied: ok you too x

I go upstairs to get Anna. She's fiddling with a toy in my cot. I lift her out, kiss her and go downstairs to put her on the couch. She's a cute little one.


That night, I tuck the kids to bed and then to go to bed. Marcus is sleeping but as I get in bed, he wakes.

I swear. "Sorry." He laughs.

"It's fine, I was just thinking" he says dreamily.

I laugh loudly. "About what?"

"Us, the kids. How my life started when I picked up the camera for the first time. You know, stuff like that."

"Cool, go in detail!" I push, laying next to him.

"Well. It's like, Zoe and Alfie met through youtube. Alfie could have been dating another girl but youtube brought him to Zoe. It's weird you know."

"I know."

He grins at me and kisses me. "I love you."

"I love you too."

I lay besides him, shutting my eyes.

Life is amazing if you don't give up.


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