Wow || Marcus

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I sit nervously. Everyone seemed to know each other from past events and theres me, awkwardly waiting for Niomi to walk out on stage. I am worried for her. I'm not saying she will trip and fall, I'm NOT trying to say that! But its a big thing to do, I hope she does okay. Everyone here has either invented the iPhone or created Touch screen. What do I say?

Hi, I am Marcus Butler. I speak to a camera. Doesn't make much sense, does it?!

"Young man?" I spin around to see a old lady staring at me in shock. She defiantly is a regular guest and defiantly figured out that I am not.

"Hi, Marcus Butler" I say and shake her hand. She smiles. "Pleasure. What brings you here on this event, Marcus Butler?"

Great, of course she would ask that question.

"I post videos of me on youtube. Challenges, advice, jokes. Anything. And people laugh and like and comment and say that they love me" I grin at her confused face.

She nods and walks away, trying to talk to someone else. I try not to let it bother me. I am defiantly not coming with Niomi to her next model job as I am not enjoying this. AT ALL. I try to see if I know anyone. Nope. No one.

I am just about to go and sit down when I hear, "Q and Slay!" TLYER OAKLEY!

"Marcus!" Tyler calls. I turn to see him and yes, it was very easy to notice him. Bright blue suit, pink hair, glasses, grin the size of a banana. Thats Tyler.

"Tyler, hey!" I say, hugging him when he reachs me. He laughs.

"What you doing here at this clothes show... You interested?" He raises his eyebrows and I laugh.

"No, I know to go to you for clothes advice!"

"Good boy! Your learning. So on a serious note, what are you really doing here? Do you know anyone here?"

"Niomi is a model for this show, so I am supporting her."

Tyler grins (banana size) and throws an arm around my shoulder. I wince, feeling the bump of his big arm hit my shoulder. Everyone is now staring, Tyler isnt the person to hide his emotions. Defiantly.

"Well then! Always knew Niomi had something special! Come sit, the show is about to begin!" He leads me to a seat next to his mates, Jake and Cameron. They were super friendly but to be honest, I was only focusing on Niomi.


"Ladies and gentleman! This time, in London Clothes Week, we have some special guests! Alice Rearing, model in Russia! Fern Ghick, singer in the east! Niomi Smart, youtube blogger and vlogger! Bella Jaws, dancer in 'Come Dance with me'! The show is starting now with the summer days girls!"

Okay, Niomi is a spring girl. So she's not on yet. Tyler and the boys were staring as one by one, beautiful ladies walked onto the stage in short dresses. A girl had flowers (Daisys) spread on her dress and a straw hat. The rest had skirts and I knew Niomi was jealous. Skirts are her favourite clothes. The song, When I met you in the Summer, comes on (Obvs) and I really start to enjoy it. I'm not trying to look at beautiful women. I just liked the feeling of it. Everyone focusing and smiling at the girls.

The girls leave the stage and the music turns off.

Tyler nudges me. "Enjoying it so far?" he asks hopefully. I smile.

"It's great!"

"Oh, it is!" Tyler seems delighted. Uh no. I think ill be his 'watch girls clothing' buddy. This is nice but not something I would choose.

"Next is the winter girlsssssss!"

Girls walk out in jeans and jumpers with cheesy christmas pictures like santa stuck in a chinmey. The girls seem to pull it off, if I say so myself.

"Autumn galsss!"

I am getting bored by now. I just want to see Niomi and... leave. It sounds harsh but I'm not enjoying it. I feel like a cheater, watching women without Niomi.

Last, Spring!"

Me and Tyler both sit up at the same time, ready to see Niomi. A girl walks out and Niomi follows on from her. I stare in shock. Her hair is down, glowing bright blonde, with a flower clip. Her face is flawless. Her dress goes with everything I see. She's so beautiful. Suddenly, the show seems amazing. I don't care how long I had to wait to see her. She has made it worth it. I've never been so proud in my life.


Niomi walks out, sees me and runs to hug me. I grab her and pick her up, hugging her tightly to myself. "Marky, I didnt fall!" she squeaks.

"You were flawless, Nimbob! Beautiful! I am so lucky, honestly." She wipes her eyes, filling with tear. "I love you."

"Same." I hug her again, not letting her go until I hear Tyler's warm voice. "Niomi, you did amazing! I had a crush on you!"

Niomi pulls away from me and grins at Tyler. "Tyler! What are you doing here!" She cries, hugging him.

"Just praying to my religion!" He laughs.

"Thanks Tyler!" Niomi smiles and leans against me. "We should go, I'm tired. I had to have exercises to keep my legs straight. So yes, I had to stand for an hour!" Niomi complains. I pat her on the back.

"Bye Tyler" we both say and hug him.

"BYE MY BEAUTYS!" He gasps and kisses us both on the cheek. We get on the train and walk to our home.

"I love you Marcus." Niomi grins at me.

"I love you too" I say and kiss her before she can start crying again.



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