The Same || Marcus

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I have a problem. Niomi is now my best friend but that's it. I love her and right now she's acting like she doesn't like me. I wish I'd spoke up, it's so annoying that I could have. But I will, one day. I am going to say to her, and it may ruin us but now I think about it, I'd prefer that.

I'll miss her though. I will. She's the best thing. She laughs at you, even when she doesn't find it funny. She'd prefer to lie than see you upset. She smiles all the time, even when there is nothing to smile about.

When she breaks, you can't tell. It's like she's okay. But she'd tell you. I'm BLAH blah blah.

I'll miss her, but I'm hurting my self everyday. And I'm getting so deep! I'm going to tell Niomi tomorrow and nothing will stop me this time. If she's changed, that's my problem.

Life sucks.


Sorry this is short, it's explaining what Marcus is gunna do x

I got a hate comment, my first one. They commented: this gave me a headache.

I was going to cry. I felt like forgetting about my stories because I never get hate. I got so sad. But I got through it.

Who helped me?

Zoella and Alfie.

They have had so much hate. The worst. I believe in them and I see that hate comment as someone sitting in a home where it's horrible, their are commenting that to every story. It's mean but so are they so I don't care!

Sorry you have to read my sob story. This isn't a great chapter, I wasn't going to do one at all because of that comment.

Who ever you are, I hope you know that your quite sad commenting on stories like that. I checked you out and you don't have any stories. So.

Love everyone who reads my stories and comments NICE things or votes it xxxxxxx

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