The Man || Marcus

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When I come back from jogging, Niomi is on the phone. She signals me to wait in the kitchen, she looks really excited. I hang around in the kitchen, make us each a cheese sandwich to keep me busy. When she finally comes in, her face is lit up and her smile is huge. I didn't know she could even smile that big.

"I was just talking with Tanya" Niomi explains, still smiling continuously. I laugh at her.

"Okay, why looking so happy!" I laugh hugging her. She may have smiled a lot but she looks so cute when she's excited.

"You will be smiling like me in a second" she says. I look at her confused. What is she going on about?

"Jim and Tanya are getting married!" Niomi suddenly yells. I stare at her in shock for a second and then I whoop.

I... 'whoop.' Is that a word? I don't care because Tanya and Jim are finally getting married after being engaged for two years.

"Oh my god, that's so great!" I gasp.

"I know!! And Jim wants to you share the role of best man with Alfie! Tanya didn't include that in the email but she said that's what he wanted! I'm sharing maid of honour with Zoe!" She squeaks.

I hug her tight and lift her up, spinning her around. Her laugh aims into my ear, but I was laughing too. When I let her go, I say, "I'm going to call Jim, tell him I'd be honoured and that."

"Yes, I'll make lunch" Niomi says. I walk away and go into the living room, reaching out for the phone. I dial his number but wait. After about five rings, Jim picks up. Jim always picks up his phone at least after you have called him two times.

"Hey Marcus!" Jim yells down on the phone.

"Hey Jim, I got the news from Niomi" I say, smiling. Which is kind of stupid because Jim can't see my smile. Obvs.

"Yeah, crazy isn't it?" Jim grins.

"Yeah, I'm glad for you and Tan. It's been what? Two years! I'm glad you have figured it out" I say meaningfully. I really meant it. Both of them were scared to go ahead and write invites because it meant people were really coming and that if they wanted to turn it down, it would be weird or even too late.

"Yeah, we talked and decided that it's natural to feel this before a wedding" Jim admits, I can feel, from the phone, that he's pacing around the room. I find it so funny how nervous Jim gets, all the time.

"It is natural, but I am so glad. It is quite soon! Nervous?" I ask.

I can imagine Jim frowning as he says this. "Of course I am nervous. What if Tan changes her mind at the last minute or there... is another guy! That would be so-"

"Impossibe because that isn't going to happen. Tanya loves you, Jim!" 

I wait for his reply. Niomi comes into the room and raises her brows at me. I thumbs up at her and grin, so she smiles and leaves the room.

"I am glad you called because me and Alfie are meeting up in Brighton tomorrow, the Brighton Pier. I was going to call you and ask if you wanted to come. Can you? Only for a few hours or so, to talk about the wedding. And plus, Alfie hinted that he'd be talking to you about my party, Bacholer party" Jim says. I think to myself, am I doing anything?

"One sec, Jimbob" I say. I pull the phone away and yell, "Nimbob!" 

I hear some pans bang against the floor which tells me straight away that Niomi heard me yelling. Oh God.

Niomi comes running into the room, a worried and scared expression on her face that makes me want to squeeze her little face off. Too much information.... (TMI)

"What?" she asks. 

"Am I free tomorrow?" 

"Yeah. I am going shopping for bridemaids dresses with Tan and Zoe. So I kind of hoped you would do something, not just sit around all day, editing like a depressed youtuber.." She winks at me.

I narrow my eyes at her and say slowly to Jim, "Yes Jim, I'd like that."

"Great, I have to go now but I'll see you tomorrow, bye!" Jim says cheerily.

"Bye Jimbob." I turn the phone off and glare at Niomi, who was silently laughing at me. "Your in for it" I say in a jokely tone.

"Loner" Niomi mumbles, still laughing.

"That's it" I say and I run and pick her up.

"M...Mark....Marky!" She screams, and starts laughing as I tickle her and put her on the sofa, still tickling her. 

"Hate you!" She says when I stand up. 

"Oh honey, you love me really" I say and I hug her. She mumbles no, but she hugs me back.

One day i'll marry her.


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