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This idea was from someone who commented on my video. It's a great idea so, this wasn't my idea but someone elses and I love it!


In my onzie, I walk into the living room. Marcus has gone for a jog. I should be too but I am so tired and sleepy, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I sit down and check my laptop. There's 500 emails for me. I open each one at a time, not caring much of what they are saying.

But I cared about the next one. It said:

Dear Nimbobs and Markbobs!

Its Tanya here. I am happy to say I am inviting you to me and Jim's wedding! I didn't want a big wedding as you know, so I'm inviting by email. Marcus, Jim asked if you could be the man of honor or whatever its called! I would have asked Jim what its called but he's out with some friends! And Niomi, will you be my maid of honor. You are sharing that job with Zoe if thats okay! You are my main girls, my gals!

Its on 1st November (a week, eek!) Sorry for late notice! I'll text you more details but until then, let me know if you can comeeeee.

With love, Tanya xxx


I would be honored to go to the wedding!


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