4 years later

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Riyah pov
So it's been 4 years with out Lucas I've gotten over him kinda Quan is 5 now Lucas has him On weekends Lucas has a girlfriend her name is candy anyways today's Friday so I'm taking Quan to Lucas house
Me- Quan are you ready
Then I heard little feet running
Quan- yes mama
Me- ok come on
He had his bag and we got in the car We got to his house 20 mins later I got out helped Quan out and he ran to the door and started banging on the door like he was the police
Then Lucas opened the and looked at him like he crazy
Lucas- nigga bangin on my door like that I though you was 12
Then Quan started laughing
Me- come give me a hug Quan
Then he hugged me
Me- be good for daddy ok I love you
Quan- ok love you to
Then he ran inside coughing I handed Lucas his bag I was about to leave but I had to pee
Me- Lucas can I use your bathroom please
Lucas- sure come on
I followed him in
Lucas- upstairs to the right the last door
I nodded and went up the stairs I walked through the hallway I seem pictures of me Quan and Lucas when Quan was a baby then I went to the bathroom and came back down and I seen him and candy kinda arguing then she seen me come down the stairs she doesn't like me I. Don't know why though
Candy- why are you here and in my house
Me- well miss.smartass dropping off my son and using the bathroom and last time I checked Lucas payed for this house
Then I walked to the door
Me- Luke call me if anything happens. To Quan
Then I left I don't got time for her I got in my car and hooked up my phone and went on sound cloud I put on Willgotthejuice 'road trip' this my shit went I got home I took a shower then put on some emoji joggers a matching shirt some Air Force ones and a emoji bucket hat I flat ironed my hair bone straight I decided to go to the mall I got in my car then headed to the mall
The mall
I had like 3 bags I was in Foot locker I seem these Kd's that I wanted I seen some in Quan size to so I got them I went to pay for them but somebody behind me handed the cashier money I turned around and it was Lucas with Quan.
Me- why you do that I can pay for my own stuff thank you
Lucas- because I want to help you out I know your struggling I'm surprised you got money now ....I know you lost your job
Me- well I don't want your help I don't need your help and I know I'm struggling but I'm trying ok and what is that suppose to mean your surprised I have money

Lucas- ain't no telling what you then did to get that money

Me- you tryna call me a Thot cause I don't fuck for money I actually got this from my brother you know come on Quan your coming home

Quan- I thought I was suppose to be with daddy

Me- maybe next time ok Quan but not this time

Quan looked at Lucas tsaid by and walked over to me and we left when we got home Quan ran off somewhere I dont know but yes I did lose my job because they said I called in to much worrying about Quan to much because I had to call in for about a week because Quan had the flu it was a good job to I don't know what imma do

So how was it

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