I thought he was........

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Riyah pov

Instead of going to Dyna house I turned my phone off and ran behind a old building and took out my iPod and put on a throwback that I love to dance to Get up by Ciara I was gonna be here for a while so I know Lucas , Dyna , & August were gonna be blowing my phone up so that's why I turned it off but then the music started and I started dancing and I had it on shuffle so I just danced to whatever came on and I Krump to

2 hours later

I was still out here but I had some water but then I heard footsteps

Dyna pov

I've been calling and texting Ri but she not answering and I'm getting worried and so is August and Corahn he's freaking out so is lucas he said it was all his fault and he told us everything and me and August had to hold Corahn back cause he was ready to pounce on Lucas

Me- were in the hell could she be

Lucas- I dont know

Corahn- Come on I think I know we're she at

So we all got in his car and he drove to a old building and we got out he he walked behind it and there she was dancing then she looked at us and CoCo (Corahn) ran over to her and hugged her

Coco- why didn't you answer nobody calls or text got me thinking something happened to you

Riyah pov

Everybody was telling me I should have answered my phone and what not then but Lucas just stood with his head in his hands so I walked over to him my love for this boy is to strong so I hugged him and he looked down at me

Lucas- what are you doing I thought you hated me

Me- Baby I don't hate you I love you

Lucas- so you forgive me

Me- yes I forgive you

Lucas- so we back together

Me- I didn't say that .....you gone have to work to get my trust back and me

Then he smiled

Lucas- oh imma get my babygirl back

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