6 months later

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Riyah pov

It's been 6 months and I'm not having twins it's just a lot if water and liquid in me but I'm having a boy Lucas has been there for me since the day he found out I was pregnant we've been out if school I still live with Lucas we got are own apartment and he does his little shows every now and then and boy is he vine famous but I speak with my parents now and we worked everything out so we cool now well me and my dad my mom not so much but I was laying on the couch I couldn't get up I was hungry and I wasn't bout to get my big ass up and I know Lucas us sleep cause I know he's tired from all the stuff he's been doing but I'm hungry so I yelled his name


Then he came down the stairs almost fell

Lucas- yes

Me- I'm hungry and I can't get up

Lucas- I got it

He looked tired as hell and I felt bad I guess imma just have to starve or get up

Me- you know what just go back to bed I got it

Lucas- no I don't want you up I got it

Me- Luke you tired as hell ill get it just get some sleep

Lucas- you sure

Me- I'm sure got back to sleep

Lucas- ok call me if you need anything

Me- ok

So I Made my food then went upstairs to find Lucas laid across the bed with his hands in his pants eww then I started eating and I was about to get up to take my plate back down when Lucas grabbed my hand he was still laying there he still had his eyes closed

Lucas- ill take it down babygirl

Me- no I got it

Lucas- I said I got it ok

Me- ok

Lucas- now go to bed


I woke up took a shower then put on a plain white t-shirt Lucas sweat pants and my black uggs people say I look so cute being pregnant cause I'm so tiny then I went in the living room were Lucas was then we started watching t.v then I felt like peed on my self but my water broke I'm only six months

Me- Lucas I think my water just broke

Then he looked worried and ran to grab his keys then we got in the car and he sped off the the hospital and we got there and he told the people everything and they took me to a different room

Doctor- You will be ready to push in 2 hours


Doctor- yes we just did some test and all that and you are ready your baby will be premature so after the baby is born we are going to need the baby to stay for a 3 days you to

2 hours later

I was holding Lucas hand squeezing it hard

Doctor- Ok ms.lockridge were gonna need you to push

Then I started pushing and I hear crying

Doctor- ok I see the head keep going

I pushed more and my baby boy was born

Lucas- eww is he suppose to look like that

Me- yes stupid

After they cleaned him off they said I had to name him

Lucas- Oh how about Ray'qaun Lucas coly

Me- I like it

Then they wrote it down but they couldn't give him to me yet they had to do all this stuff since he was premature and me to just to make sure I was ok but Lucas had to go

Lucas- I gotta go to work ill be back

By work he mean music or doing stupid shit in vine and getting paid for yeah crazy right and he does some other shit he won't tell me about

So how was it but this is just a teaser just wait until next chapter

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