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Trévon in media(he actually my cousin)
~Riyah pov~
I was walking out the store when I could of swore I heard crying it was coming from the tree near my car I walked over and seen a boy sitting there he looked no older than 16 he was light skin had a small Afro it was dyed a reddish orange color he was cute for his age his head was in his hands I touched his shoulder and he looked up
Me- I'm not gone hurt you what's wrong
Boy- my mama don't want me I got nobody else she kicked me out
Me- what's your name
Boy- trévon
Me- well your coming to live with me come on oh and my name is N'Riyah or Riyah
Trévon- ok
He followed me to my car he got in
Me- how old are you trévon
Trévon- 15 you can call me tré
Me- ok Tré you hungry
Tré- no
Me- when's the last time you are
Tré- 2 days ago
Me-I know your hungry
I pulled into McDonalds I ordered his food and gave it to him then when I got home I seem Lucas car so he home we got out and followed me into the house
Me- LUCAS ......QUAN
then I heard little foot steps then big ones and in came Lucas and Quan
Lucas- who's this
Me- Lucas this Trévon ...Trévon this is my husband Lucas .....luke he's gonna be living here from now on
Lucas- cool with me old are you
Tré- 15
Me- ill show you your new room
He followed me to his new room
Me- I mean when we go shopping tomorrow it will be better I guess I mean there's a X-box in here
Tré- this is a million times better than what I had I slept on the floor in a crack house thank you
Me- oh well your better here you don't have to worry about that cause your apart of are family now tell me about you
Tré- well my favorite color is red I love basketball and my favorite food is Pizza
Me- sounds like you and Quan have alot in common
Tré- who's Quan that little boy
Me- yeah his name is Ray'quan but we call him Quan
Then Quan ran in the room
me- yes child
Quan- um can I have some food please I'm hungry daddy didn't feed me
~Tré pov ~
I think imma love it here its better than what I'm use to
Quan- um can I have some food please I'm hungry daddy didn't feed me
Riyah- he didn't imma beat his ass......LUCAS YOU DIDN'T FEED MY BABY
Then she walked out cussing then I heard a Spanish and southern accent from her Quan was laughing then he looked at me I decided to play with him he my new little brother so why not
Me- what you looking at little man
Quan- nigga I'm not little
This little fucker bad as hell I thought he was all cool were he hear that from
Me- who you hear that word from
Quan- my mommy ....wanna play 2k14 with me
Me- yeah sure
~Riyah pov~
I walked out trés room yelling and cussing I walked in me and Lucas room he was on the phone I heard him say Aug so he must be talking to August cause August on tour Lucas didn't have a shirt on just basketball shorts I closed the door I got in the bed with I'm then stanched the phone
Phone convo
August- damn Riyah screaming in my ear and shit
Me- my bad but how you feeling
August was sick when he left for the tour but they said he could hold off but no this nigga wanted to go right away he said he would be alright but knowing August he gone work his self to death
August- i will be alright stop worrying ma
Me- fine ....I will for now
August- hows little man
Me- your godson he's fine he's playing the game with My new son
August- wait who
Me- ok so I found this boy when I was walking out the store he only 15 he was laying under a tree he told me he ain't have nobody his mama didn't want him so I took him in he's warming up
August- wait you helping somebody
Me- yeah I can be nice
August- yeah ok I gotta go do my show ill text you later tell Little Lucas I said what's up
Phone convo over
Then I layed back down and started playing a game on Lucas phone I thought he was sleep until he grabbed his phone out my hands and put it on the nightstand
Me- i was playin that
Lucas- so
Me- Lucas
Lucas- yeah
Me- I love you
Lucas- I love you to ......I got you something
Me- what
Lucas-Look under the pillow
I reached under and it was a box I opened it and it was A diamond neckless it was so pretty I smiled at it then put it on the dresser
Me- I love it thank you
Then he started kissing my neck leaving hickeys he found my sweet spot

Me- Lucas stop tré and Quan are in the other room

Lucas- fine but imma get me some sooner or later I haven't got none in 2 months

Me- aww that's what your hand is for

He just gave me a look and stayed quiet

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