The wedding

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Outfit in media
Riyah pov
Ok so Lucas is marring candy he invited me I took shower put on a gold strapped dress some some black 6in heels with gold laces a gold chain and gold earrings and I wet and put curling jell in my hair so it was nice neatly curled I mean I gotta look good Quan was with Lucas so I wasn't worried I got in my car cause I was bout to be late when I got there I sat down people were just starting to come in I gotta admit I do miss Lucas but hey I gotta move on
Lucas pov
Me and candy were not on the best terms the other day I was telling here who I invited and I mentioned Riyah
Candy- babe who did you invite
Me- um Just family close friends ....I invited Riyah to
Candy- why did you invite that bitch
Me- dont call her a bitch she not a bitch
Candy- so you taking her side now
Me- um yeah I'm not just gone let you talk about the mother of my child. When shes not a bitch
I can't do this with candy she ain't for me I don't know why I asked her to marry me I need Riyah
Flashback over
Riyah pov
When everything started she came down the aisle she looked over at me and gave me a ugly look and a smirk and mouthed bitch I almost acted a fool up in here but you know what imma be cool I was seated in the very front next to Lucas mama ....I ain't have no problem with it me and her still close when candy was done with her vows it was Lucas turn
Lucas- ok I can't do this
Candy- Lucas what are you doing
Lucas- I can't be with you I don't love you I love somebody else
Candy- I can't believe you
Lucas- N'Riyah come up here please

I walked up to him
Me- what are you doing Lucas

Then he kissed me

Lucas- N'Riyah I love you and always have and never stopped my life aint been the same without you I miss you I miss us I know I fucked up in the past but this the future I've grown I'm not 17 no more I'm 21 I'm not a boy no more I'm a man a grown man what I'm tryna say is that will you marry me N'Riyah Monroe Lockridge I want us to be a family and have more kids I'm tryna make you mrs.coly I know we young but hell I wanna be with you for the rest of my life I missed 4 years without you I love you

Then tears filled my eyes

Me- I love you to yes I will marry you

Then he kissed me

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