Really lucas

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Riyah pov 5 months

I was playing with Qaun we call Ray'qaun Qaun or lil Lucas cause he looks just like Lucas but it 9:00 and Lucas still not back he said he would be back 3 hours ago let me call him

Phone convo

Lucas- what's up

Me- Luke you said you would be home 3 hours ago were are you

Lucas- ill tell you when I get home

Me- when is that

Lucas- look outside I just pulled in

Me- ok bye love you

Lucas- love you to

Phone convo over

Then Lucas walked in 2 mins later

Me- were was you

Lucas- don't get mad when I tell you this

Me- what

Lucas- I'm in a gang

Me- ugh Lucas really

Lucas- sorry

Me- how long

Lucas- since I was 12

Me- why didn't you tell me before

Lucas- that wasn't something I was worried about telling you

Me- Ok Lucas

Lucas- can I get a kiss

Me- not until you take that shirt off and take a shower the fuck you all sweaty for and is that blood on you

Lucas- Gang war and yes

Me- eww please go take a shower then you can get some love

Lucas- can I give some love to my son

Me- no GO stop stalling

Lucas- ok I'm going dang

So he we t to take a shower and i put Qaun in his chair then started cooking then there was a knock on the door it was Dyna and August

Dyna- aww there goes my nephew lil Lucas

Me- can you change him please

Dyna- Nope eww he stank he took a shit I don't do those

Lucas- what my son do

Then she handed him to Lucas

Dyna- here take yo son he stank

Lucas- what I don't do diapers

Me- come on Lucas please I'm cooking

Lucas- Ugh fine

Then Qaun started giggling

Me- August why you so quiet

August- I don't know I'm just thinking

Me- something's bothering you I can tell we will talk later

Sorry it's short but how was it

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