Ass whoppin part 1

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Riyah pov

Ok it's been some months and I'm pregnant yay I mean of course I'm happy about a baby but I wasn't ready for another one yet I mean my own husband told me to grow up ......I'm like 4 months Quan well he's not to happy about it he likes being the youngest oh well he will get over it ....but this little nigga about to get it when he get in this house wanna not do his work in school oh NOOO mama don't raise no dumb babies you gone make something outta yo life oh here he comes now ...he tried to walk pass me with out sayin nothing

"Can't speak Ray'quan" I asked him

"Leave me alone" he said

"Little boy get yo ass over here"I said as he slowly walked over to me

"Now you wann tell me why you haven't been doing yo work" I asked

"I have been doing my work" he said

"Lie or get smart again imma pop you in yo mouth imma ask you again why haven't you been doing yo work ...yo teacher called and told me all you did all week was half a sheet of math" I said

"Because I didn't want to leave me alone" he said

I popped him in his mouth

"Don't get smart with me I'm not about to raise no damn dumb babies hell naw you will act right in school to ....or imma come up to that school lookin a hot mess and imma let everybody know I'm Ray'quan Lucas Coly's mama ...cause you don't want me to tell yo daddy do you ....I ain't got time for you and yo little fuck ups I am pregnant until you learn how to act right and do yo work at school no Xbox no play station no TV to tablet no nothing stare at the wall all damn day " I said yelling at him

Then this little fucker had the nerve to say I hate you which really hurt my feelings ....that's hurts for your own child to say something like that

Lucas pov

I walked in the house and to my room I seen Riyah laying down crying

"What's wrong why you crying this time" I asked her

"Quan said he hated me" she said

"WHAT!!???!! Why would he say something like that" I asked her getting pissed off because he been acting up lately

Then she told me everything

"WHERE HE AT" I yelled

"No no no Lucas don't you gone hurt him"she said

"He need to get hurt" I said

Walking into Quans room and closing the door he was watching TV like he wasn't In trouble

"Turn the TV off" I yelled

Then I ......


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