Miss me

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Riyah pov
I was at the store with Tré getting food that we needed then I saw him as in him my ex boyfriend Before Lucas .....King ........he was my everything until he moved he was the first person I ever loved but I was trying so hard for him not to see me but he seem me and walked over to me
King- Riyah is that you
Me- yeah it's me
King- I haven't seen you in some years how you been
Me- good
Tré- Ma is this the sauce you wanted
I told Tré to go get me some sauce
Me- yeah ....now you forgot the bread and ice cream
Tré- ugh
Then he went to go get it
King- son ???!!?? He looks kinda older
Then I explained what happened then seen him look at my ring and he smirked
King- who wifed up my baby
Me- Lucas
King- wait Lucas Coly
Me- yes
King- I'm happy for you....got anymore kids
Me- yeah thank you and yes I have a 5 year old his name is Ray'quan well I gotta go
King-wait can I have yo number so we can catch up
We exchanged numbers seeing him brought up so many memories king was tall about 6'5 he tall so is Lucas but king taller he was brown skin had a small Afro but he got a taper he was alot more muscular from the last time I seen him he looked sexy as fuck -wait no Why am I think bout him
At home
I got home I seem Quan run up to me and then run back somewhere I went in the kitchen I seen Lucas drinking some water I kissed his cheek and pulled out stuff for tacos We love tacos I don't make them alot though
Lucas- ohh Noo you making tacos who made you happy today
Me- what's that suppose to mean
Lucas- you only make food we like if you in a good mood what happened
Then Tré came in the kitchen
Tré- her ex before you
Then Lucas lifted his eyebrows and started walking out and up the stairs then he motioned me to follow him
Me- this might turn into a argument imma need to cook tré
Tré- k
Then I followed Lucas up the stairs we walked in and he closed the door
Lucas- wanna tell me bout it
Me- I rather not
Then he gave me that look
Me- fine his name is King he was before you I seem him today and I talked to him and I have his number
Me- calm down .....king Anderson ....and we are just friends
Lucas- yeah friends how would you feel if I had a ex that I talked to ......I know you damn sure wouldn't be happy about it ....
Me- your making it seem like I still have feelings for him after all these years
Lucas- well do you
Me- ..........
Lucas- that's all I needed to know
Then he started to leave the room but I ran up and blocked the way
Me- Lucas don't leave
me- fine ....when I seem him I kinda did but then I thought of you I love you please don't go
I came up to him I was 2 steps away then he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer and pinned me against the wall and kissed me then pulled away
Lucas- I not going nowhere I'm sorry for yelling at you
Then he started kissing my neck making me giggle then that. When somebody knocked and Lucas said come in by the steps it was 2 people I already knew it was August and Dyna
Dyna- aye we text ya we coming over be ready and ya bout to make babies
Me- sorry we wasn't on are phones we got into it
August- what type of getting into
Lucas- arguing
Dyna- Ohhh
Me- where's my niece and nephews
Yes they have triplets there the same age as Quan just 3 months younger their names are Asia , Anthony and Dy'rinn .....2 boys 1 girl
August- downstairs
Then my phone started ringing
My phone flashed King
Phone convo
Me- yes
King- can you come over please I'm bored
Me- I don't know
King- please I haven't seen my baby in some years
Me- ummm fine what's the address and stop calling me that
King- no matter what or who we with you always gone be my baby
Phone convo over
After that he texted me that address which isn't far from here I told him I would be there in 20 mins I tooled at what I had on ...this should be fine I had on some dark jean shorts a peach colored crop top and my brown sandals my hair was in a curly pony tail then I grabbed my phone and walked downstairs were everybody was
Lucas- where you going
Me- out ill be back
Lucas- Quit playing we just got out of argument
Me- I'm going king house
Lucas- the fuck you not
Me- and why not I'm a grown ass woman
Lucas- cause I said so ...why would I want my Wife going to hang out with a nigga I don't even like and you know I don't like him never have
Me- just because you don't like him doesn't mean I don't have to ...you know what bye ill be back later
Then I left and got in my car and left
At Kings house
I knocked on kings door and a lady answered it she had to be in her late 40's he lives in a mansion so I'm guessing this was his maid or one of them
Lady- How may I help you sweetie
Me- um is king here
Lady- oh yes you must be Riyah come in sweetie
I said thank you and then I seem king come down the stairs he smiled at me and walked up to me
King- I don't get a hug
I have him a hug and he squeezed my butt
Me- heyy watch them hands this booty ain't yours
King- But it was mine first .....ill grab yo booty if I want to
Then he grabbed it again
King-come on
Me- were we going
King- drive in movie
At the movie
We were in the car watching this long ass movie The Lord of the rings the new one it just started then I got a text it was from Lucas it was a video I looked at it and it was a video of him fucking some girl then the text said 'I told you not to go see him but this is what you get' a tear dropped from my eye but I whipped it you know what I got him its ok
Me- how was Miami
King- it was alright you know I missed you
Me- I missed you to
he had on A black t-shirt black joggers and black Tim's .....anyways I had was putting my phone in my bag it was it the back I reached back there to get it but I felt king hand on my butt then I put my phone in my bag and he pulled me in his lap I felt his friend down there good thing his windows are super tinned
Me- I feel your little friend down there
King- you did that ....with your fat ass booty
Me- haha not my problem
King- he aint little either thank you
Me- yeah ok
King- so he ain't little
Then I looked at king and my eyes traveled down and he pulled it out trust when I saw he aint little then he put it back
Me- can we leave I'm bored this aint as fun as I thought it would be

45 mins later
We were in kings room watching Baby boy well I was he was in the shower then he came out in just his boxers lawd help me please
King- see something you like
Me- nope ....
Then he stood in front of me and picked me up and pinned me against the wall then he started kissing on my neck I tried to get him to stop but couldn't then he sat me on the bed

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