Out with my girls

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Riyah pov.

Ok today I'm going out with some of my other close friends of mine London and Monique they just moved back into town a couple of months ago ......we going to the club Lucas meet. Them a while back

"I don't want no nigga on my baby no fuck that I don't want you around London she gone steal you from me" he said because London A lesbian but she don't dress like no dude she a straight girly girly and she like girls who dress like girls

"Oh hush ......" I said finishing my hair

The door bell rung and I was done

"Can you go get that Lucas" I said

He went and got it and can back with London and Monique

"Hey Riyah" they both said

"You ready sexy" London said

"Aye London what we talk about" Lucas said walking out the room

"Nigga shut up .....i do what I want to yo wife ....." She said walking up to me helping me fix my hair Monique was to busy into her phone smiling

"Mo what you over there smiling for" I asked

"She got a new boo what's his name .....Ohhh Keshawn" London said looking at my boobs

"London I'm up here" I said

"Well sorry I can't help it when you got em in my face" she said grabbing my butt

At the club

London went to find her a little boo while me and Mo went to the bar

"Soooo miss Riyah how long you been married to this nigga" mo asked

"About a year now ....ya would of been invited if would of known ya number and were you lived ..." I said

"What happen to that bitch Adyna" she asked

I explained everything to her

"That ain't her place in business to say that ......but don't stress over it you still got me and London's gay ass" she said

Then I seen a nigga come up behind her he was cute about 6'3 he had curly hair in a pony tail he was light skin to you could tell he was mixed with something.....he was cute but I'm married and loyal ya know but he looked familiar but he put his arms around her

"Who the fuck is this" she said

"You know who it is" the boy said

She turned around quick

"Keshawn...what you doing here " she said kissing him

"Just came to drink and chill with the boys I should be asking you the same" he said

"Oh hush .....but this is my bestfriend N'riyah I was telling you about" she said

"Oh this the girl you was talking bout I know who she is she use to fuck with king I'm surprised she don't recognize me ....considering she the reason why I got this damn scar on my arm" he said with a smirk

I had to think for a min I remember now he's kings cousin we use to call him Mookie we was kinda close but I didn't recognize him he look so grown now well he is but he only 4 years older he look different as a grown man but still got that baby face and contacts in cause his eyes were never light brown there hazel

"Mookie" I asked

"You damn skippy it's me how you gone forget me" he said

I jumped on him and attacked him with a hug and kissed his cheek not like that he's like a brother to me

"Am I missing something" mo asked along with another voice that I know all to well which is Lucas what the fuck he doing here I can't go nowhere with out him following me

I turned to see Lucas along with my partner in fucking crime August muhfuckin alsina

"Oh calm down he is like a brother to me" I said


SO HOW WAS IS ???? IM WORKING ON A FEW NEW STORIES SO MY BAD OF I DONT UPDATE AS MUCH !!!!!! I have a new story called a Thug maid

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