Ass whoppin part 2

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Ohhh for those who said My cousin Trévon was cute lol I know ....he got hoes

Tré Pov

I walked in the house and heard yelling upstairs what the hell is they doing so I walked up there it was coming from Quans room well he has been getting in trouble tho so I walked in and all I seem was Lucas punch him in his arm

"You wanna like a grown man and disrespect yo mama imma treat you like a grown man" he yelled

Oh damn well the little fucker wanna act up

Quan pov

Blah blah shut the fuck up I know ya sittin there shaking ya heads don't judge me bye niggas

Riyah pov

After 15 mins Lucas came back with Quan and with all of Quans stuff I said he couldn't have

"Say what you got to say and get the hell out" Lucas told him

Well damn luke

"I'm sorry for what I did to you earlier I don't hate you I love you and it won't happen again" Quan said

"It's ok" I said

Then he left

"Lucas you know Quan he didn't mean it ..." I told him as he got his stuff to take a shower

"I know but I will not hesitate to punch that little nigga again if he fuck up" he said walking in are bathroom

Oh lord then Monique called me

Phone convo

"Yes mo " I said

"You alright I got your text" she said

"Yeah ...for now" I said

"Oh no you don't need to be stressing you that ain't good for the baby" she said

"I'm trying to much is going on" I explained

"I know just don't worry about it I'm sure Lucas got everything under control" she said

"He punched the shit out of Quan ...what do you think" I said

"Damn well ill text you later" she said

"Alright" I said hanging up

Phone convo over

I just really hope this little boy straightens up and fast

Sorry it's short I couldn't think of anything else

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