2 years later

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But enjoy this chapter

Riyah pov

You already know who it is ya girl Mrs.Coly anyways it's been 2 years Quan is 8 Tré is 18 now he's in collage all the way in New York me and Lucas we still doing us we moved into a bigger house its like a mini mansion I have 3 kids all together Ohhh remember when I was pregnant yeah I had twins 2 girls no more kids hell no ....I love my babies but shit try pushin 2 big headed babies out ya vagina ...but their names are Gionnie and Luxury their 2 they will be 3 soon but lets see did Quan get right after 2 years you would think he did ...he did a little bit but bye I gotta go meet dyna at this ice cream place she wants to talk ...like really nigga after 2

Quan pov

Ayeee I'm back well I'm 8 now ...ya boy growing up ....i know ya probably don't like me ...ask me if I care ...didn't think so hoe yes I know I have a smart mouth I'm kinda mad I have 2 little sisters you wanna know why ...because I don't feel like punchin no little boy in his throat for messin or hurtin my sisters anyways plus I'm the only boy ...my dad is always gone on tour and doing all that its boring ya know when your the only boy stuck with 3 girls but bye I have to go my mama is callin me

Riyah pov

"Ray'quan get ya ass down here we have to go" I yelled

"ok ok I'm coming I gotta look good" he said coming down

"For who" I asked raising my eyebrow

"Girls duh" he said

"Boy you 8 don't need to be lookin good for nobody but me ....now get yo little butt in the car" I told him before he ran off

What am I gonna do with this little boy ...i bet you imma be a young ass grandma ...

At the diner

I spotted Dyna and walked over and sat down along with Quan and the twins

"Um hey Riyah how you been" she asked

"I've been good ...you" I asked her

"I've been fine...hey Quan you remember me" she asked looking at Quan

"Um duh what's up TT" he said going back playing on his phone yes he has one don't judge me I didn't give it to him Lucas did

"But anyways Riyah I'm sorry for everything that happened ...I'm sorry it took this long......" She said but I cut her off and smiled

"Girl hush I been over that its alright I've learned to forgive and forget I've grown since then..." I said

"Ok well since that's over who's these 2 little cuties" she looking at the twins

"That's Luxury and Gionnie my twins ...their 2" I said

"You and Lucas still together" she asked

"Yeah...what about you I see that ring on your finger" I said

"I'm getting married In 6 months .." She said

"To who" I asked raising my eyebrow

"My boyfriend his name is Andre he's my everything...he's the one who actually convicted me to hit you up ...I didn't think you would want to see me" she said

"Well imma have to meet him...where do you live" I asked her

"ATL" she said


So how was it

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