Chapter 2

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Ri Ri pov

So after school Lucas said he'll give me a ride home and we was listening to Red nose and. I was Dancing in the seat

Lucas- one day you gone have to show me how YOU do the red nose

Me- yeah whatever

Then we arrived at my house and I was abut to get out when he grabbed my hand

Me- yes

Lucas- I don't get a kiss

Then I kissed him and as I was getting out he smacked my ass

Me- heyyy off limits

Lucas- No the hell it's not that's mine I can touch it do whatever to it

Me- bye Lucas

Lucas- bye baby girl

Then I went in the house and my dad & mom was sitting on the living room couch and I tired to sneak up the stairs but they new I was here

Mom- nope bring to ass here

So I went in there

Me- yes

Dad- your school called and said you go detention for 2 weeks along with some boy they claimed to be your boyfriend ....What's his name oh yeah Lucas

Mom- who is this boy and how long have ya been going out

Me- calm down we just started going out and his name is Lucas as daddy just said

Dad- I still wanna know who he is and ....

Then that's when my brother Corahn came in the living he was upstairs I guess

Corahn- what's going on in here

Mom- well your sister has a boyfriend and she & him got detention

Corahn- who

Me- Lucas

Corahn- Lucas Coly

Me- yes

Dad- you know him

Corahn- yeah he's cool

Then I got a text from Lucas

Lucas- What's up baby girl what you doing

Me- my parents found out I go out with you and my dad was asking questions and shit and Corahn told them you were coo

Lucas- aww they getting on my baby nerve

Me- yes Like if ya don't stfu

Lucas- so they got the call to mine did to and about you being my girl. And shit and they said oh she better nor be another hoe

Me- I'm not a Thot

Lucas- I know baby girl .......but I wanna take you out tomorrow since it. Friday

Me- ok how am I suppose to dress

Lucas- how you want but be ready by 1:15

Me- ok ill text you later

Lucas- ok


Then he waved his hand in my face

Me- what ...yes

Dad- you ok cause you were smiling at that phone pretty hard

Corahn- probably Lucas

Me- it was

Mom- when are we gonna meet this Lucas boy & who dropped you off Dyna

Me- no Lucas did & he's taking me out tomorrow around 1:15 1:20

Mom- he sounds like a nice boy but we will talk later

Dad- I don't know about him I haven't meet him

Sorry I haven't been updating I have like 7 8 more story's to update & write chapters to


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