Getting out (part 1)

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Tonya in media
Riyah pov
They put me in a cell with this girl was in there she was brown skin she was about 5'4 5'3 knuckles was bleeding because of how hard I was punching Dyna and I missed and hit the floor a couple of times ....but I just wanted to Lay down
"Which one is your bunk" I asked her
"Top.....but heyy what's your name" she asked
"N'Riyah but everybody call me Riyah" I said
"Ok but I'm Tonya but everybody call me Tony ....but I've heard of you before in the streets I work for king " she said
"Ohh yeah I use to go with him .....I'm married now .....but how old is you" I asked her
"22"she said
"What you in here for" I asked
"I got caught sellin.....Damn girl what happened to yo hand" she asked
"I beat to hell out of my ex best friend I think I put her in a coma I almost killed her ...oh well" I said
We talked some more tony a super cool person
2 weeks later
Ok it's been 2 weeks I went to court I gotta stay here for 3 months but ain't nobody came to see me yet but I was in the court yard talking to Tony when one of the Guards Mr.James came up to me he super cool ....he sneak me some of his lunch at night like chick wings and pizza and shit like that he like a dad to me
"Riyah you have a visitor" he said
I followed him to the costing area ...I seem Lucas I sat down in front of him ....since I all I did was fight they let me have my visiting time at the tables instead of the phones and glass but he took the cuffs off ....he said since we was cool I could hug Lucas and all that since he knows that's my husband
"What's up" he said he reached out for a hug but I moved out the way and sat down
"What's wrong with you" he asked
"You ain't came to see me in 3 weeks and you wanna hug me" I said
"Sorry I been busy ....I know how you feel when you was taking care of Quan by your self" he said
"It's ok but where's my kids" I said
"At Tré took Quan to practice with him.......but how you holding up in here" he said
"It's jail ......I mean the food is nasty but i don't eat it .....I had to fight a couple of times" I said
"See that's what got you here and those other times in the first place fighting" he said
"NAWW it's not even like that ....some of them girls be tryna get with me" I said
Then he started busting out laughing
"What it's not funny........They keep touching my booty saying its fat" I said pouting
"They posted bail for" he said
"Really how much" I said

"1,000"he said

"Then what you waiting for get me out this bitch" I said

"Alright alright ......ill come back later" he said getting up

I have him a hug

"No kiss" he asked

"No nigga .....I been in jail for 3 weeks I don't think you wanna kiss me until I go home and scrub my damn gums" I said

He just laughed and left Ughh I really want this nigga to hurry up


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