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Riyah pov

I was in the kitchen making a snack for the twins

"Um uh dynas at the door with some nigga" Lucas said

"Oh ok send her in here" I said

He looked at me weird and then in cane Dyna and some cute nigga who I'm guessing is Andre

"Oh hey Dyna ...is that the nigga Andre you were telling me bout" I said glancing at him giving the girls they snack

"Go mess with your daddy" I told them as they ran off

"Yeah ...Umm Andre this is Riyah ...Riyah this is Andre....." Dyna said

I already knew Andre I just wasn't gonna tell her that or maybe I will yeah I will but Andre keep starring at me

"Problem Dre" I said

"No Riyah ....don't start no shit now" he said

"Wait I'm confused do you 2 already know each other" Dyna asked

"Yes very well .....we used to date" Dre said crossing his arms

"Wait I thought you dated king or whatever" Dyna said

"She cheated on me with king" Andre said still pissed at what happened

"I did it for a reason ....YOU cheated on ME and started ignoring ME so was I suppose to stick around ....HE was there for me ....that happened years ago Dre let it go I've moved on from that ...hell I'm married" I said

"Whatever" he said

"But Riyah you wanna come hang out today" dyna said

"Yeah sure ....LUCAS" I yelled at the last part

"Damn ...what you want woman...." Lucas said rubbing his eyes he didn't have on a shirt on either lawdd help me

"Aww was my baby sleep" I said pinching his cheeks

"Yes ....now what you need" he said

"Can you watch the kids while I go hang out with Dyna for a little while" I said

"No......my mamas coming to get them" Lucas said giving me that look on what he planned on doing tonight

"I don't know why you giving me that look you might not even get none " I said glaring at him

"Awe damn man that's cold" I heard August voice say

I turned around

"Ooh hey August" I said

"Adyna" August said

"August" Dyna said

You could feel the tension in the room

"Where's my kids" August asked

"Don't worry about it" dyna said

"They my kids to don't you think I want to know where they are" August said

"Last time ...." Dyna started but I cut her off

"Aye aye aye ya not about to start this .....shut the fuck up ....before I tie ya asses up and lock you in the basement and will have no choice but to talk it out" I said

"Still crazy" dre said chuckling

"Shut the hell up" I said

"That's reminds me ...did you take your medicine today riyah" Lucas asked me

"No..." I said

"Take it NOW" Lucas said

"Fine" I said taking them out and taking them

I don't like taking them for a number if amount of reasons

"Ok but riyah you ready" dyna asked

"Yeah come on ....Lucas ill be back later....August text me later I need to talk to you" I said walking out the door with dyna and dre

~Dre pov~

Yes my plan is going into action to get riyah .....she will be mine I had her before Lucas and before king .....she's Mine and only mine yeah I know that was some years ago but I'm just using dyna to get to Riyah
-oooo dre wants riyah
-dyna and August
-Lucas wants to get busy
-what does dre have planned

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