Are love is strong

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Riyah pov
I had walked in the door coming from king house it was about 2 am the light were off as so I though I mean me and king really didn't do nothing I seem Lucas turn on the light in the living room nigga scared the shit out of me I tried to walk pass him ignoring him
Lucas- come here
Me- ummm no
Lucas- I'm not gone tell you again bring dat ass here
So walked over to him and he pulled me on his lap and I laid my head in his shoulder
Lucas- you know that video was old
Me- yeah I know know I didn't fuck him
Lucas- yeah I know know I love you
Me- I know I love you to ......I don't like arguing
Lucas- I don't either baby girl but you just make me soo mad sometimes .......why would I want my wife going to hang out with her ex .....but I over reacted so I'm sorry I thought you was gone leave me for him we only been married 5 months baby girl
Me- no I'm sorry ...... I should have listened to you or saw things from your point of view ....why would i leave you I'm not going no where when I seem king I was happy I hadn't seen him in so long he was my first love ....We just wanted to hang out to catch up
Lucas- now give daddy a kiss
I just giggled and kissed him
In the morning
I woke to the house quiet I seen a note Lucas left it said
'Baby girl I took Tré and Quan to My moms ill be back .....don't get dressed up just get dressed for in the house'
So I got out the bed and walked in are bathroom and took a shower then put on something to lay around in but it's hot sooo I put on a lace crop top and a mini pencil skirt I left my hair curly then I went in the kitchen and got me some grapes then I heard the door open then foot steps
Then I seem him appear in the kitchen then he wrapped his arms around my waist
Lucas- what you got under this skirt
Me- nothing
Then he lifted a eyebrow then he put his hand under my skirt and felt around to he got to my area he looked at me and then pulled his hand back then he picked me up and took me to are room ... Lets just say Imma be sore
Later that night
I was making me a sandwich it was probably 3:30 am I'm not sleepy but I am hungry I heard the door open and close who the fuck in my house so I stood by the kitchen door because you have to pass the kitchen door to get to the stairs I seen it was Tré
Me- where you been
Then he jumped so quick
Tré- ma can't be scaring people like that
Me- answer my question
Tré- um uh
Me- I'm waiting
Tré- I went to check on my sisters
Me- sisters ????
Tré- yeah ...Their names are Tyla and Ta'Zya Tyla is 22Ta'Zya is the same age as Quan
Me- oh so Tyla takes care of Ta'Zya
Tré- yeah
Me- you can invite them over tomarrow of you want
Tré- ok well goodnight
Me- night

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