1 month later

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Riyah pov
Alright so it's been a month I have ignored Lucas phone calls I been at my brothers house yep Corahn Qaun can talk just a little bit like he can ask well not ask demand stuff like he will say "Mommy juice now" and he will say "I pee" or "I shit" he also can say bitch and fuck you in the right sentence I think when I send him over Dyna and August house August be teaching him how to say bitch and fuck you I'm dropping him off now anyways I got him out and let him walk to the steps then I picked him and knocked on the door I didn't see Dyna car so August must be here and I seen another car but I didn't know who's it was it looked new but Lucas opened the door oh no here we go but before he could say anything I pushed past him and went to the game room were August was
August- what's up Ri
Me- nigga you been teaching my son how to say bitch and fuck you and how to demand shit
August- well
Me - uhmm you don't even got to say anything
Then Lucas and Dyna walked in and Lucas pulled me into the hallway here we go
Lucas- why in the fuck haven't I seem up little ass in a month and my son
Me- nigga who you talking to like that better watch it before smoke yo ass ....and you should know why
Lucas- listen Riyah I'm sorry I know I fuck up a lot and you still by my side you never give up on me I didn't mean to yell at you I just been worried and I cut Nyla off you don't have to worry about her any more plus she moved to London I love ok just please come home
Me- I love you to big head but next time you look like you bout to hit me imma knock yo damn head off yo shoulders you heard me
My accent came out when I said that
Lucas- country ass
Me- Whatever .......
Lucas- why must you put on stuff to tease me
Me- what you talkin bout
I had on some black leggings some tan uggs and a sweat jacket
Lucas- you know what you doing with them leggings on
Then my phone started ringing
It was Rodney my cousin but we call him RJ his face flashed across the screen and Lucas looked at me funny
Phone convo
Me- what
RJ- what I can't call my cousin damn
Me- nigga what you want
RJ- well I was wondering if you could come pick me up from the airport
Me- WAIT your here
RJ- yep I just moved here I already have my house and all that I sent my car over I just need a ride home
Me- yay I'm on my way
RJ- alright call me when you get here
Me- k bye luh you
RJ- luh ya to
Phone convo over
Lucas- who the fuck is Rodney
Me- calm down my cousin he asked me to pick him up from the airport you coming
Lucas- yeah
Me- your new car or mine
Lucas- you mine your new car
Me- wait that's mine
Lucas- yes I brought it here cause Dyna told me you were gonna be here
Me- OMG I love it
Then I jumped on him kissing him then Dyna popped out of no where with Qaun
Dyna- see this how you ended up with this little gimlin right here keep on Qaun gone have a brother or sister
Qaun- bitch
Dyna- what you just call me little nigga
Qaun- luh you
Dyna- uhmm just wait till you get older
Me- you no bout to be abusing my baby
Lucas- come on lets go
Dyna- were ya going
Me- I gotta go pick up RJ from the airport
Dyna- oh aye tell him I said hi
we got the airport and I seen RJ
Me- RJ
I ran up to him and hugged him I missed my cousin
Then we headed back to the car and he seen Lucas I haven't talked or seen RJ in a couple years my mama gave me his number
RJ- who's that
Me- my boyfriend and baby daddy
RJ- wait you got a baby
Me- yes I do his name is Ray'qaun he's 1

RJ- oh where is he

Me- with August

When me and RJ got in the car we all started talking I could tell RJ didn't like Lucas so much oh lord

Cliffy hehehe

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