Chapter 1

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Dyna (Adyna) pov

I woke up and got in the shower then put some lotion on and all that then put on a pink bandage croptop and some ripped booty shorts and some fishnet tights under and some all pink uggs I looked swagged out but I gotta call Ri Ri (N'Riyah)

Phone convo

RiRi- what's Poppin

Me- nothing you ready cause you know you take days tryna get cute for Lucas

RiRi- so were August

Me- oh shit I forgot he somewhere in here ..........AUGUST

August- I'm down here

Me- oh he must be downstairs but we will come pick you up

RiRi- iight bye niggas

RiRi pov

After I had got done talking to dyna I put on
A black crop top and some galaxy booty shorts and some galaxy converse then I left my hair down wild and curly (like in the cover without the bandanna) then I grabbed my phone and told my mama & dad by then I heard a beep I guess they here then I got in August car and he drove off

Dyna- HI RiRi

Me- What's poppin

August- what's poppin

Dyna- am I the only one who doesn't have a accent

I was born in New Orleans but I moved to Cali when I was 1 so I got on accent

Me & August- pretty much

Then we got to school and I went to my locker and Lucas locker was next to mine LORD this boy I have a crush on him but I never say anything I usually would tell a boy how I feel but I don't know every time I think about look at him I get butterfly's and he was talking to his friend Mikel they were whispering something and then Mikel started taking to me

Mikel- yo RiRi Lucas wanna talk to you bring yo ass on

Me- nigga don't rush me

Then I got to then since they were at mikel locker

Me- yes

Mikel- Lucas got something to say to you

Lucas- .................

Mikel- nigga what you waiting for

Lucas- you

Mikel- what you mean me

Lucas- I can't say it while you here

Mikel- nigga you at my locker so your dismissed bye

Then Lucas grabbed my hand a Lead me outside

Me- what did you wanna tell me

Lucas- listen RiRi I've really liked you since forever and I didn't know how to tell you cause I was affriad you might not feel the same and I know you feel the same

Me- wait who told you I liked you

Lucas- August

Me- imma kick his NOLA ass but I can't talk cause that's were I'm from

Lucas- haha that's why you talk like that

Me- yeah I do like you a lot

Lucas- well will you be my girl


then I hugged him and then I headed back in the school we still had like 5 minutes left but then he pulled me back by my waist

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