3 months later

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Riyah pov

It's been a month since me and Lucas and I miss him do bad but he has been trying his best and very hard to oh and I meet this one boy he is to cute not better than my baby Lucas but he's to cute his name is Destyn he's 18 light skin I love my dark skins but light skins don't get me started but he's tall 6'1 and we talk were very close to but we see each other more as brother & sister then actually liking each other and he knows about me and Lucas

Dyna pov

I was chilling at home until I got bored so I took a shower got dressed into a grey sweater some regular jeans and some grey toms and I curled my hair and left and went to Riyah house I know her lazy small ass not doing nothing so I walked in yes I can do that cause a nigga got a key but I went upstairs to see Ri laying in the bed bout to fall asleep


Ri- D wtf I was bout to go to sleep ....damn a nigga was slumped

Me- you gotta talk to Luke (Lucas)

Ri- no

Me- he's so depressed I went over his house and he was just laying in his bed listening to sad drake song a nigga heart broken

Ri- good now he knows how I feel .....ill talk To him tomorrow maybe

Me- good but what was you about to do

Ri- go to sleep

Me- no we going shopping

Ri- but I'm I wanna go to sleep

Me- Nope get yo ass up we going somewhere else I changed my mind cause you not about to be In her laying in your bed all day so get in the shower and get dressed

Riyah pov
So I got up took a shower then put on some booty shorts a black tank top and some black converse what yes I was bumming it she said we wasn't going any were public so I dressed like this .......then we got in the car and we ended up at Lucas house oh no this is we're she takes me wow should of saw this coming

Me- I don't wanna go in there

Dyna- I don't care you coming I already called him

Me- but look at how I'm dressed you know how Lucas is

Dyna- oh well

Then I wouldn't get out the car so she pick my little ass up and knocked on his door and he answered he didn't have a shirt on just shorts lord help me then he looked at Dyna funny

Dyna- she wouldn't get out the car

Lucas- you know she stubborn

Then she sat me on couch and I had my arms crossed

Dyna- Lucas sit next to her

Lucas- she might stab me

Dyna- she don't got nothing I made sure of it

So he sat down next to me and put his arm around me

Dyna- now talk

Me- I don't want to talk to him

Dyna- TALK

Me- what you want me to say

Lucas- you can start by saying hi

Me- I didn't ask you

Dyna- Luke is right

Me- Ugh hi Lucas damn

Dyna- Riyah

Me- fine .....hi Lucas

Lucas- hi babygirl

Dyna- Lucas tell her

Lucas- Listen Riyah I'm so sorry I hurt you like that I really am after you told me we was done and didn't even look at me I new how you felt Im so sorry babygirl ...........I Love you

Me- Luke you really hurt my heart bad I cried my self to sleep knowing what you did I love you to and I forgive you

Them he smiled

Lucas- come give me some love

Then I sat on his lap and we started kissing and he was about to take my shirt off. Until ..............

Dyna- HEYYY ya just gone sit there and fuck right in front of me

Lucas- bye know body said you had to stay

Me- but wait she my ride baby

Lucas- I got you baby girl you can spend the night

Me- my mom gone bug but oh well

Dyna- so if she call me asking we're you at imma say at Lucas house fucking

How was it sorry for the wait

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