Get yo ass over here (part 2)

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Riyah pov

I got in the back and stayed quite Lucas dropped August off then we drove home once we got there I took a shower then put on a grey tank top some black boy shorts and my grey and black socks I just wanna lay down and chill

"Riyah" Lucas started but I cut him off

"I don't feel like talking right now was right I was wrong ..I'm sorry" I said laying down

" no we gone talk about...look I'm sorry I yelled at you I was really pissed off at you but you can't be partying and all that when's the last time you spent time with Quan your always gone running the streets or partying need to grow up Riyah" he said

"Grow up ....." I said with tears coming down only reason I'm crying is because when I get sleepy I get evil then if I'm up long enough I start acting like a baby and cry over everything plus he kinda making me upset

Now if anybody else was telling me this I wouldn't care and pay them no mind but this is Lucas my husband it's a different story for him I just grabbed me a blanket and tried to go to the guest room but Lucas grabbed my arm

"Let me go Lucas we have nothing else to talk about" I said

"Why do keep running away from your problems you either do that or Get mad why Riyah ....what's going on with you lately" Lucas asked me

"I'm don't have to explain myself to you now let me go" I said trying to get out his grip

"No what's your problem" he asked

"Lucas coly let me go before I hit you" I said

He still didn't let me go so I slapped him hard I seen anger in his eyes and his face get red then he slammed me against the wall pinning my arms up

"What the hell is your problem woman I don't know what it is but you lucky I don't punch you in yo fucking face for that shit you just did lucky I love you you fucking some other nigga or something" he yelled in my face

"Just leave me alone.....please"I said crying

I got up and walked out the room and down to the kitchen I seen Quan sitting on the island with his head down

"What's wrong Quan" I asked him sitting down

"Are you and dad breaking up" he asked

"Why would you ask that" I asked him

"Because ya haven't been acting like ya love each other you hate daddy" he asked

"No baby I don't hate daddy I love him very very very much I can't even describe how much ....but this is what married couples do Ray'quan where not breaking up .....we just having problems ok so don't worry about" I said

"Ok" he said

" it's 1:25 in the morning what are you doing up anyways little nigga yo deadline is 10:00" I said

"But Tré said...." He started but Tré walked in

"I said what" Tré said walking in with his keys in his hand

"Nothing" Quan said running off

"Where you been" I asked him

"I was at one if my hoes house" he said

"You left my baby here by his self" I semi yelled

"Calm down no and he not no baby ....I took him with me .....he smart enough to babysit his self I get tired of watching he get annoying" Tré said

"Well I'm sorry I will give you 2 weeks off" I said laughing

"You know how mad I get when he runs a girl away when I'm tryna get with her" he said

I just laughed getting out my ice cream with mustered on it and pickles on it Tré had a ugly look on his face

"What" I said

"Ewww that is the nastiest thing I ever seen ... You don't even like mustered or pickles .....I'm not sure of this but isn't that what pregnant woman eat or do" he said

"I'm not pregnant get out my face with that little boy" I said walking upstairs into my room to get a blanket

I walked in eating and Lucas face scrunched up

"What" I said

"1 you don't even like pickles and mustered 2 that's just plain nasty 3 are you pregnant" he said

"NO IM NOT" I yelled at him stomping outta the room

Lucas pov

Shes pregnant I can tell plus I seen that little baby bump only I noticed it plus this probably her problem she pregnant no wonder why she been acting the way she does lately but there more to it I can tell I know my wife what ever it is I'm going to find out

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