Chapter 4 flashback

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Ok this chapter is gonna be RATED R

Riyah pov

Flashback :

I went over August house cause I wanted to smoke some weed so when I got there I knocked on the door and he opened the door he had on some basket ball shorts with some Jordan socks with no shirt then he let me in and we went to his room and started lighting them blunts then we looked at each other and next thing you know we were kissing then I felt a pair of hands rubbing my ass I had on some Hello kitty pajama shorts half my ass was showing and I had on a crop top then pulled away

August- why you stop

Me- you wanna lap dance

August- hell yeah but then I want some of ass and pussy

Me- I'm sure you do but I don't know you probably got a small dick anyways

August- oh you just got your self in trouble right there

Then he took off his shorts and his boxers then stood up this nigga was huge

August- get Down

So I got on my knees the walked to me

August- so since you wanna be a little smart ass you gone suck this dick

But first We smoked a blunt

August- yep know suck this dick

So he put it in my mouth and I sucked his dick like he said then he said he want my pussy and ass

Me- oh so you don't want a lap dance first

August- hell yeah I do

Then he put his boxers on then some music then sat in the chair in his room then I gave him a lap dance then in the middle of it he picked me and layed me on the bed and took my cloths off then he slammed his self into me with out a warning and I moaned and scare and cause it felt so good but it hurt then I decided to ride him but he flipped us over so I was on top and said

August- you gone ride this dick

And I begun I was grinding on him but he grabbed my waist and started bouncing me up and down on him then he pulled out and we just laid there then he pulled the covers over us then turned off the light and I turned over but he wasn't down cause he told me to get up and get on all fours so I fled if and started hitting from the back

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