Chapter 3

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Dyna pov

I was at Home when my dad called me down stairs

Me- yes

Dad- I'm going on a business trip for 3 months

Me- ok what about mama

Dad- she is to so ill send 2000 every 2 weeks

Me- ok when ya leaving

Then my mama came down with some bag

Mom- Now

So the we said are good byes & they left so I got bored so I called August but he had to make a drop so he couldn't come so I called Riri I new she wasn't busy

RiRi- what nigga

Me- You was talking to Lucas wasn't you

RiRi- yeah

Me- well put him on so we can 3 way

RiRi- ok

So then she put him on

Lucas- What's up Dyna

Me- LUCAS I'm mad at you

Lucas- what did I do

Me- you got my best friend over here all over you I don't see what she see In yo little ugly High yellow ass

RiRi- My baby is sexy

Lucas- I know

RiRi- you bored aren't you and home alone

Me- yeah my parents gone for 3 months and August had to make a drop

RiRi- I'm coming over there

Lucas- I wanna come to

RiRi- you gone be the only boy

Lucas- I don't care I wanna see you

RiRi pov 1 hour later

We were watching ride along but we wasn't really paying attention we was talking August was here then Lucas asked me a question that I was hoping he would never ask

Lucas- Ri are you a virgin

Me- no

Lucas- who you fuck

Then I glanced at August & he mouthed text me

Text convo

Me- You want me to tell him

August- Go ahead there's really nothing to hide I mean Dyna already know so

Me- but I'm scared to tell him

August- we will talk about this tomorrow when after you and Lucad have ya little date ok

Me- ok

Text convo over

Lucas- so are you gonna answer my question

Me- it was August I fucked August

Lucas- you losing right

Me- no

August- she not but it was a mistake

Dyna- I've been dieing to know how was it

Then Lucas looked at his phone

Lucas- I gotta go my mama need me to do something

Me- ok

So then he got up and I did to then I walked him to the door and then before he walked out he picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist and he kissed me

Lucas- bye ill see you tomorrow

Then he put me down and left then I went back into the living room

Dyna- answer my question now that your back and be honest

Me- it was good really good even if I was high I was still kinda aware of things

Dyna- August

August- ok imma be honest .......she was the bomb

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