The past comes

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Riyah pov (2 weeks later)

I woke up to a empty bed and house well damn just gone leave my ass but I got up took a shower then put on some red ripped pants a red shirt that said "Kid Lucas" in gold letters and my custom made converse that are red with gold studs on them August bought them for me then I went down stairs and in walked In Qaun Lucas and this girl

Lucas- what's up baby girl

Then he kissed me and put Qaun in his play pen and Qaun went right to sleep

Me- who's this

The girl- oh hi I'm Nyla I'm friends with Lucas and you must be Riyah

Me- yeah that's me

Nyla- Lucas talks about you all the time and your even prettier then he described you

Me- Thank you

Lucas- ill be back I gotta use the bathroom

Then once Lucas was out of sight Nyla said something

Nyla- Listen here Bitch I don't like you ok I'm acting nice in front of Lucas he was mine and always will be mine the only reason he's with you and not me is because your his baby mama and he don't wanna brake your heart but he will be with be soon

no the fuck this bitch didn't

Me- hoe....(g.c.o)

Then Lucas came down and Nyla started smiling This Hoe

Me- like I was saying Hoe DONT be coming in my house disrespecting me like that you can get beat the fuck down

Lucas-Riyah wtf

Me- nah this bitch (g.c.)

Lucas- I don't wanna here it Riyah cause I know Nyla wouldn't say anything to any body bad

Nyla- well Lucas I'm going home bye

Lucas- wait I think ill go with you since some people wanna lie

Me- Lucas I wasn't lying

Lucas- yeah ok your just jealous of her

Me- you know what go ahead go with her by the time you get back ill be gone with my son

Lucas- your not talking him with you

Me- watch me

Cliffy just wait till next chapter

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