What Sisters??!!!??

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Outfit in media
Riyah pov
When I woke up Lucas was starring at me
Me- why you starring at me creep
Lucas- I can't watch my baby while she sleep
Me- but that's creepy
Lucas- so now gimme a kiss
Me- eww no I have morning breath
Lucas- your point
Me- my breath stank you can get one after I brush my teeth and take a shower
Later that day
We were waiting for Tré sisters to get here we were joking around then the door bell rung
Tré- I got it
2 mins later he came back with them but Tyla she looked just like me exactly like me she stopped and starred at me
Me- um hi I'm N'Riyah
Tyla- I'm Tyla
Me- umm can I talk to you in the kitchen follow me
She followed me in the kitchen
Me- um uh I don't know what to say....I mean I know we're twins but how my mama never said nothing about me having a two let me call her
So I called my mom and told her to come over now we waited and talked and then my mama appeared in the kitchen and she stopped in her tracks

My mom= mm

Mm- ooo I see you've meet you sister

Me- what do you mean

Mm- Riyah your adopted you both were actually you just never meet your sister you 2 were separated at birth .....your mother named you 2 but you 2 got your named changed

Me- And you wait till I'm 22 to tell me ...then what's my real name and were am I from

Mm- Your birth name is Guadalupe Sofía Juan Diego Tyla yours is Antonella Amelia Juan Diego you 2 are from Mérida , Mexico you 2 are Mexican and black but As far as me and Brandy Tylas mom know that after you 2 were named and born she put you up for adoption sorry I didn't tell you I thought it would be best of i didn't I'm sorry

Me- I understand its ok

Mm- I gotta go ill call you later or something

Me- K bye

Then she left

Tyla- well I guess we're twins

Me- yep .....you got a bf or something

Tyla- yes his name is Shawn

Me- you love him

Tyla- I guess

Then I noticed a bruise on her face

Me- that nigga been hittin you

Tyla- um uh

Me- its ok Tyla Were twins we sisters you can tell me anything

Tyla- yes ......

Me- imma let it slid this time but call me if you need me to come over there and show him this

I showed her my gun ....I have to hide them from Lucas he be trippin taking my shit

Me- but DONT tell Lucas

Then we talked for about a good 2 hours until Zya came in saying she was tired she had my number so she could call me

So how was it

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