The date

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An okay so I noticed I didn't name the last chapter opps. Since I'm not getting many comments I thought I'd let you chose the name of that last chappie. (hehe I just wanted to try that). So the dress at the top is what she wears to her date.
It seamed like for ever but it was finally Friday. I asked dad for permission to go out with Jacob the day we got together and he was okay with it!! But he had three conditions:
1. I keep my grades up
2. We can't make out
3. He must respect me
I told Jacob this and he was up set at first with the second one but he said he can live with that.
It seamed like forever but finally the school day ended and I ran to the front of the school. Mommy was there. I was just getting in to the car when Rose and Alice ran to the car.
They both talked at the same time but I think they meant "You can't leave without us sis you haven't picked out your dress yet and we can get you ready real quick."
I laughed at there joy and moved a seat to the left so they could sit down.
"I can't leave with out everyone." I said laughing.
After a minute the boys came in all laughing at Edward blushing.
"Shut the fu..." Edward was starting to say before mom cut her off.
"Edward finish that sentence and so God help me." Mom threatened.
Every one laughed at Edward as his face turned even redder.
"Why is Edward so red?" Alice asked between laughs.
"Edward is jelly" Jasper said.
"Why?" Rose asked trying to breath.
"He is jelly that Bella is dating Jacob." Emmett answered.
"You are?" I asked as I turned to look at Edward who was sitting in the back of the car.
"You guys swore not to tell Bella!"
"No you said 'swear not to tell anything to Bella when we get home?' and we agreed." said Emmett.
"And we aren't home yet" said Jasper.
At this point we arrived at the house and Edward ran out. I ran after him leaving my bag as an attempt to catch up to him.
"Edward wait I need to talk to you!" I shout at him. I got his arm but he slipped and reached his room. When he turned I saw tears running down his face.
"Edward..." I said starting to feel my eyes watering. He saw my face and almost stopped but closed the door when Alice called me to get ready for Jacob.
I could feel the tears run down my face.
"Alice how could you?" I asked when I got to my room.
"I know you like him too but Jacob asked you out first and you have a date in a few hours." Alice said patting my back. "Not take a shower and stop crying so I can work my magic."
I strip down and take a warm shower. Once I'm done Alice puts me in a robe and starts my hair.
She curls it and then she starts on my make up. She puts a small amount of mascara and nude lip stick. I didn't want any make up but Alice had made up her mind.
One she was done she pulled out a dress bag and a shoe box.
Out of the bread bag she pulls out dark blue dress that has a sort of flowery design on the bottom and at the chest. I put my hands up to my mouth and gasp. It was so beautiful.
"No crying Bella." Rose said handing me a tissue. I took it and cleaned my eyes.
"Oh My God where did you find it?" I ask them still I shock.
"Alice's gift saves time at the mall too you know." Rose said.
As I slipped on the dress I saw the shoes rose was unpacking. They were pinkish and had a lot of sprinkles. I put them on and practiced walking in them.
Soon mom came and lent me a white sparely bag. So I could carry my phone and house key but when Rose and Alice weren't looking I slipped a pair of black flats into my small bag. As I was walking down the stairs Alice stopped me and placed her hand out.
I did my best act confused but she didn't buy it.
"Ekkkk" I squeal running away from her. Have you ever ran in heels? I ditched the heels and ran to Edward's room. I pounded on his door.
"Edward!!! Help me!!!" I could hear Edward fall of the couch and run to the door. He opened it and I ran in.
"Close the door!" I cried to him he did as he was told and I hid behind his bed.
"What's wrong he asked in a worried voice.
"Alice" I said trying to catch my breath, "wanted me to wear heals so I snuck some flats into my bag but she chased me here when I didn't hand them over."
Edward laughed and walked to his bed.
"Bella I'll protect you from anything, but my sister is one thing that is out of my hands." Edward said laughing.
"So if she comes knocking..." I ask starting to get worried.
"I can either keep the door locked and have Jasper force me I open the door or hand you over." he said smirking.
I know that smirk. It means he will hand me over without a second thought.
"You wouldn't dare..." I say but I know he will.
He smirks and whispers "She is outside so chose your fate."
I stick out my tongue at him.
"I'd rather take my chances with Jasper." I say
"She wants Jasper Alice!" He shouts at the door.
A few minutes later I can feel Jasper out side. Edward starts to walk to the door.
"Edward don't open it!!" I whisper/shout but he opens it anyways smirking.
"You didn't even try Edward" I cried an him trying to run away from Emmett but Edward stopped me. Emmett came and carried me out and Alice took my bag.
"No flats for you missy." Alice said taking my flats.
"Why Alice why?" I say.
"Because it's your first date and to need to wear heels so you can catch up to Jacob." Alice says.
I stick my tongue out at her and I hear the door bell ring.
"Oh my God Emmett put me down I have to meet up with Jacob." I tell Emmett and he chuckles and walks to the door.
He opens the door and Jacob opens his mouth to say something but then closes it.
"Hey Emmett and why are you carrying my girlfriend?" Jacob asked and I blushed deep red.
"I an carrying her because I am coming with you guys." Emmett said grabbing his coat along with mine.
"What? No you are not." I said shocked.
"That's right because I'm going." said a voice behind me.
I turned to see Edward and groaned.
"No one is coming but Jacob and I" I said sternly.
He put me down and said,
"Fine Bella Ballerina but when the baby is born I want to be the Godfather." Emmett said smirking at our red faces. Edward was so mad his face was red and he ran upstairs. He slammed the door and mom yelled,
"Edward don't slam the door or your Xbox will be gone for a week!"
Then mom came our of the kitchen and saw Jacob.
"Oh Jacob I'm sorry about the slamming and yelling" Mom said, "well you kids have fun, drive safe and be back by 10 P.M. because that's as long as I can keep Edward at home with out him havering reason to go looking."
"Don't worry Mrs.Cullen I'll take care of Isabella." Jacob said.
"Bye Mom, Dad, Emmett, Rose, Jasper, Alice and Edward." I called as we walked out.
As we walked out I realized we couldn't drive.
"So were are we going?" I asked Jacob.
"First to watch a movie then to go eat." he said.
"How are we getting there?" I asked.
"My dad is driving us."
"Are you sure he won't mind?"
"Not at all"
"Not at all as in he won't mind or not at all as in not sure at all?"
Jacob laughed and we got in the car.
"Hello Mr.Black" I said politely.
"Hello future Mrs.Black" he responded.
"Dad" Jacob groaned.
His father laughed and tuned on the radio.
Then my favorite song came on Perfect Two

****the song feel free to skip****

You can be the peanut butter
To my jelly
You can be the butterflies
I feel in my belly
You can be the captain
and I can be your first mate
you can be the chills
that I feel on our first date
You can be the hero
I could be your sidekick
You can be the tear
that I'll cry if we have split
You can give the rain in the cloud when it's Storming
you can be the sun
when it shines in the morning
Don't know if I could ever be without you
cause boy you complete me
and in time I know that we will both see
that we're all we need
cause you're the apple to my pie
You're the straw to my berry you're the smoke to my high you're the one I want to marry
Because you're the one for me
and I'm the one for you
you take the both of us
and we are the perfect two
Were the perfect two
were the perfect two
baby me and you
were the perfect
You can be the prince
and I can be your princess
you can get a sweet tooth
and I can be the dentist
you can be the shoes
and I can be the laces
you can be the heart
that I spill on the pages
you can be the vodka
and I can be the chaser
you could be the pencil
I can be the paper
You can be as cold
As the winter weather
But I don't care
As long as we're together
Don't know I could ever be
Without you cause boy you complete me
And in time that we'll both see
That were all we need
Because you're the apple to my pie you're the straw to my berry you're the smoke to my high you're the one I want to marry
Because you're the one for me
and I am the one for you
you take the both of us
and we are the perfect two
Where the perfect two
where the perfect two
baby me and you
we're the perfect two
You know that I'll never doubt ya and you know that I think about ya
and you know I can't live without ya
I love the way that you smile
and maybe in just a while
I can see us walked down the isle
Because you're the apple to my pie
You're the straw to my berry you're the smoke to my high
you're the one I want to marry
Because you're the one for me
and I'm the one for you
You take the both of us
were the perfect two
we're the perfect two
We're the perfect two
Baby me and you
We're the perfect two

**** AN:the song is over****

"Wow" Jacob said "not only is my girlfriend pretty and smart but she sings like an Angel too!" Jack said shaking his head in shock.
I blush and said
"I'm not any of those things" I say
"We are here!!!" Mr.Black said.
"Thank you Mr.Black" I say as we get out.
"No problem and call me Billy." said Billy.
We walked in holding hands and bought tickets to a movie called Frozen.
"Jake can we buy popcorn?" I asked.
"Sure Bells" Jake said.
I ordered a soda and and a hot dog and Jake ordered a soda and pop corn.
We walked in to the theater room and watched the movie. I really like the songs. as we walked out to go to the next door pizzeria I decided to play with Jake.
"Jake?" I asked
"When is your cousin coming?"
"Um about that"
"What happened?"
"Bella they aren't coming I sorta used that to get you here because I was scared that you might say no so I needed a back up story"
I start to laugh because I knew this already.
"I know Jake, Leah told me a day after we got together about your back up plan."
"Well let's go in I'm staving!" Jake said trying to change the topic.
We go inside Papas Pizza Plaza (or Papa as we call it) we ordered Hawaiian Pizza and ate in peace.
We laughed and joked around for a while before Billy picked us up.
When we got home Jake walked me to the door. Just before I walked in Jake tried to kiss me. I wasnt read for that so I turned and opened the door and said good bye. Jake was shocked I rejected his kiss but say bye either way.
And so my first date ended.
And please comment/message me some dared or truths because what kind of book would this be with out a t&d (truth or dare)game😏.
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