No way no how

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"What?" I ask almost choking on my ice cream.

"Isabella, we want you to move in with us" Charlie tells me.


I'm so shocked I forgot how to move.
Thankfully I didn't have to.

"What is wrong with you people? She isn't going any where with you psychos!!!" Rose screams at Charlie and Rene.

"Rose please this is not your decision, it is Isabella's." My mother tells her.

"They can't take her away!! They abandoned her! The social services can't let them take her!!"

"Rose let Bella think"

Suddenly a horrifying though comes to my head.

"If I want to stay don't Mom and Dad have to take medical test?"

(AN:I honestly don't know who this works but let's pretend this is how it goes please? Thanks)

"Yes so that the court can see our current health condition" Dad explains to me.

"Like check your heat beat and blood type kind of testing?"

"Yes Bella"

Tears start to form in my eyes and I can see the same happening to my siblings.

I look over to Esme and I see venom in her eyes. We are all thinking the same thing.

I have no choice. My parents can't produce a heartbeat or blood.

I try to think up something.

"Um this is a big deal do you mind if I have some time to think about it?"

"Sure honey" Esme answers.


About an hour later Rene and Charlie are leaving.

"Bye Robert" I say waving at him. I don't think he likes hugs.

"Bye Ray Ray" I say hugging her and then they leave.

I made up my mind about where I'm staying.

I go up to my room to start packing.

Soon I am all packed up.

I shower and put my pjs on. Just as I finished brushing my teeth there was a knock on my door. When I opened it Alice came in, silently crying.

"Alice what's wrong" I ask hoping she didn't see what I'm planning.

"Isabella Marie Swan" she says trying to sound stern "you better not be planing what I think your planning"

"Alice I'm sorry but I can't stay here. Mom and dad don't have a heartbeat"

"But you don't have to do this either" she whisper/shouts at me.

"Yes I do I won't go with those people"

"What will Reneesme say?" She asks me making me freeze "What about Robert? You can't just leave like this"

"I have no choice. Don't worry I will visit"

She puts a small bracket in my hand.

"Please wear this when you come so I know it's you and not some weirdo" she whispers to me.

I feel a hot tear run down my face and I nod. I can't speak so I hug her.

"And Bella please don't spend to much time alone"

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