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"Hello Gigi I am Edward and this is Bella" Edward said shaking her hand.

"Hey" I said my voice sounding horse from not using it for so long.

"Whoa girl we need to fix the voice" Gidi started making me frown. It's not my fault I couldn't use my voice for a while.

Gidi giggled at my frown. "Don't worry just put on a bathing suit and meet me here in ten"

Bathing suit?

I nodded my head as I walk of to my room to change. I looked through my clothes and found a pink bikini and slipped it on. I put in a white button up tee and some small shorts. I grabbed a pair of sandals I didn't know I had and got my towel.

When I walked out Gidi was wearing a pair of black shorts over her blue one shouldered bathing suit. She had no shirt, I guess to keep more clothes dry.

Edward was wearing his blue swim shorts with surf boards and a plaid black and white button up shirt.

"Okay" Gidi started, "so I'm going to take you to a lake. In the middle of the lake there is a small island, probably no more than 30 feet wide, and there here is ganna be a bunch of green plants. We need to pick some probably about an arm full, or a bag if you got one, and make tea out of them for about a week with honey and you will be all better."

"We have a bag we can use" Edward says quickly.

"That's great! Bella why don't you go get it."

I frowned.

Why did I have to get it. I know I'm sounding selfish but Edward is perfectly capable of getting the bag too.

"I'm sorry Bella I just realized it might have sounded rude but I simply figured you being a girl you would have the bag."

I tried to smile to show that I didn't mind but I'm sure I failed.

Not wanting to seem rude I went back and got the bag.

Bella you ready?

I heard Edward ask me when I got back to where I left them.

I simply nodded not feeling the need to have him read my mind. He might see something else I was thinking about.

"Let's get going" Gidi said cheerfully.

•~• magical time skip to lake •~•

I took of my clothes to revel my bikini and got into the water.

Let me rephrase that. The Arctic water.

"Eeee" I whispered to my self as I got knee deep in the water.

I took the last few steps to get chest deep. I dunked my head in to keep myself from getting sick.

The water was clear from above but not that clear under neath. I started swimming around, in hopes of get a bit warmer in the water.

After a while I have up knowing I was as warm as I was getting.

"Hey Bells. Catch."

I turn around to see Edward tossing me the bag we brought.

I easily catch it and start heading towards the island Gidi pointed out when we arrived.

I started picking leaves so that more could grow later and to be able to fit more leafs for tea.

After about 45 minutes of leaf picking we had what we needed.

"What about the honey" I ask once we arrived to shore.

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