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After a long walk back to the cave and much chattering from the twins we reached the cave.

"Ohhh is this were you live?" Asked an excited Jane. She started running in and Alec runs behind her.

I don't think Jane liked the Cave.

I laugh at Edward's sarcastic thought and go in after them.

"Alec look at this. It's a pool!" I follow the sound of their voices and find them in the "tub". Lucky for us it's empty.

"Bella can we fill it up and so swimming?" They ask me.

I smile at them and explain that it's the bathroom. I go on to give them a quick tour of the cave.

"Are we ganna have our own room?" Alec asks looking excited.

I pretend to think it through before saying.

"Why not. Go find a room you guys like." This causes Jane to squeal and Alec to jump up and down before running off with his sister. After 10 minutes the two hyper children have rooms.

We should let Gigi let the other bedroom in our hallway don't you think?

Edward asks me as I sit in my room getting the sheets to gather water to make tea and to help bath the new comers.

I shrug. Before grabbing the bag with leaves an walking to the pantry. I start to empty out the leaves into a box I found and turn to leave.

I return to my room to change into dry clothes and find two new bags in my room.

'Okay this is getting creepy' I though as I set my stuff down and open up the new bags. Forgetting every intention to change.

In the pink bag with a sparkly purple heart I find a bunch of little girl clothes and hair stuff.

In the blue bag with a bunch I sport balls on it I find a bunch of clothes that would fit Alec.

'This starting to freak me out. A lot. ' I get the bags and put them in the back of the room.

I get my back pack and the sheet and start walking out of the cave.

"Where are you going Bella?" I hear a little voice shout from behind me. I turn to see Alec and Jane running after me.

"I'm going to get water, food and wood to make a fire." I replied.

"Are you going to get birds?" Alec asked excitedly.

"Birds? I don't know how to catch them." I tell them sadly.

"I do!" Jane says before pointing at her brother "and he is good at caching fish."

I look at my stuff and realize I might need more help.

"Jane go get my brother and Alec get Gidi. We're ganna go get something to eat."

♪─O time(≧∇≦)skip O─♪

"So everyone got it?" Edward asks us. We nod and get to work.

I pick berries and watch Jane as she catch birds.

Edward watches Alec fish and he gets water from the stream.

And Gidi gets wood and sticks to make a fire later.

Jane is a smart girl. She got two long sticks and corners the birds before glaring at them. The start to screech in pain before passing out. Then she gets them and ties them up. Once they are tied she leaves them alone and when they wake up the kinda just kinda die of some sorta panic attack. Probably from being caught.

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