Bella POV

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When we got back Miss. Jenny said we were going to practice writing the ABC's and practice the sounds they make.

Edward, Alice and I all raised our hands at once.

"Yes Mr. Cullen?" Miss Jenny asked.

"We already know our ABC's and the sounds they make." Edward answered.

Alice chirped up "Daddy taught us a long time ago"

I stayed quite not wanting to attracting any more of the stares our class mates were giving us.

"Do all of you know this already?" Miss.Jenny asked us and we all nodded at once.

"Well that's good you can show the class how and I can get ready for later." she said.

We did what we were told and then we all got stickers.

"Can I have a green sticker" asked Alice.

"Alice you can't pick your sticker or else I will have to give every kid their choice of sticker." Miss.Jenny said.

   "Okay." Alice said in a small voice.

   After about an hour we went to lunch. They gave little chicken nuggets but we had are own lunches. Mommy had packed us a Nutella sandwich with banana in it. On the side there was a container filled to the top with strawberries sprinkled with sugar. Then a tiny bag of grapes with a smoothy and a bottle of orange juice. I ate quickly so I could read my book we got in class.

   We got back to class and the later we went out to play with the toy they had.

   When daddy came to pick us up we told him all about our day.

  When we got home mommy had mad dinner of spaghetti with corn,peas and chicken. We drank lemonade with dinner.

   We watched Emmett, Jasper and Edward play video games and then played tag, hide-and-go-seek and then we washed up and got ready to sleep.

   And so my first day of school ended.

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