Dinner Guest

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Edwards handed me my blue apron and he put on his red one.

"So what do we make?" He asks

"Uh....how about salad to begin with?"

"Oh and followed by spaghetti!"

"And we can have pie for dessert!!"

"With ice cream!!!"

We started to laugh as we got the flower and the apples out. we sounded so childish.

"So how is it going with Jacob?"

Edward asked as we were putting the crust into the pan. (An:I'm sorry I don't cook so if this is wrong just pretend it's right thanks!!) I know he still isn't okay with it but I'm glad he's giving us a chance.

"Um good I guess I haven't heard from him in a while" I respond and then ask,"who are you taking to the dance?"

"Um I'm not sure yet. I was thinking about asking Tanya" the moment he says it I feel a pang of jealousy hit me, and hard.

I turn around to wash the apples and slice them before bring them back to Edward who is finishing up the filling for the pie.

"Why her? You could ask Alice or Rose." I pour the apples into the batter skimming his hand as I pull back. I feel a tingle but ignore it.

"Well I kinda have a crush on her for a while now...." He says turning light pink.

"Aww Eddy has a crush" I say pretending to wipe off a fake tear "they grow up so fast."

"Hey!" He says while throwing some flower at me "you have a boyfriend"

"So?" I ask as I throw some flower back at him before turning around to throw away the apple cores. Big mistake.

I feel a hand full of flower hit me as I turn around.
"Ahh!!" I shriek in response to the cold powder "EDWARD ANTHONY MASON CULLEN!!!"

"Yes Bella ballerina?" He says batting him eye lashes innocently.

I grab some more flower and throw it back and before we know it everything is covered in flower.

"Tisk tisk tisk" I hear a voice behind me say. I turn around to see Jasper and Emmett video taping us "mom and dad won't be happy"

I try to think up something to get them to leave long enough to get my hands on the tape. But luckily Edward saves me.

"We are having guest so you errrr clean up quickly"
"Holy Hera!!" (An:Sorry I don't curse )

Jasper says before dashing off to get ready.

"And tell the girls too please!!" I shout after them.

"Now let's finish dinner up." Edward says before grabbing a clean rag and starting to clean the counter tops as I grab the mop and cleaning the floor when we finish the oven is preheated and ready to bake the pie.

"I'll put it in while you get the pot and fill it with water to start the spaghetti" Edward says.

"Will do" I say before going to the pantry to get the spaghetti. Just after I find it I hear a scream from the kitchen. My first thought; Edward and I dash off to find him.

I find Edward at the sink with a burnt right hand under the running faucet.

"Edward!!" I say before going to check on him "What happened?" I ask before finding a clean cloth and soaking it to wrap his hand in.

"I was putting in the pie but I guess I *hiss* pressed my hand to the *wince* hot wall of the *hiss* oven"

"Are you okay?" Wow Bella I thought Of course he's okay his hand is beat red. I quickly check is hand for cuts but find none.

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