The kiss

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Yesterday Edward and I spent most of the day getting water. After we filled up the water hole again we both showered. If that's what you can call it. We had no soap what so ever but we were much cleaner. No sweat on us. No dirt on us. No stains.

That night I dreamed of a young girl. She had blue eyes and blonde hair. I think she was about 13. She was very pretty. When I tried to ask her her name she simply faded from my dream. After that part of the dream I saw my family. I tried to call out to them but all I got was Alice saying 'on the next full moon.'

Then I woke up.

I went to the pantry and served my self a bowl of brerries. I was starting to get sick of them and I wanted something new. As I walked back to my room I saw something. As I walked closer I saw it was a pair of bags. They were the kind of bags that looked small but were able to hold a lot more.



Why is there a pair of bags at the cave door?

I'll be right there

I could here his foot steps as he walk to me. I walked over to the bag and brought it inside out of the suns rays. I kneeled down to open the blue bag at the same time as Edward reached my side.

What was in side was kinda strange. In side there was my towel, shampoo, my body wash, my sponge, my conditioner, body cream, hair stuff, pads (which was embarrassing to find in front of Edward), a couple of bikinis, underwear, bras, a notebook and make up.

We opened up the red bag to find the same things but for Edward. Lucky for him he didn't have pads or bras.

I'm going to take this to my room.

Okay. I guess I should do the same.

I walked to my rooms and got my shampoo, conditioner, body wash and the sponge. I got a new set of clothes, undergarments and my towel.

I showered and oh my did a shower ever feel so good.

I washed my hair and my body. I got out, drained the water, and dried my self off.

I slipped on a white shorts with a floral print. I slipped on a green sleeveless shirt. After I finished buttoning the shirt I noticed it had two stings at the bottom so I tied them to make a bow.

I gathered my dirty clothes and slipped on my green sandals.

I walked back to my room. As I passed Edward he seemed lost in thought so I didn't bother him.

I started to go through my new bag of cleaning stuff and I also found a brush, hair spray, hair ties and bobby pins.

I turned the bag upside down and out came a black notebook.

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