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The moment I saw my new sister I felt something that made me want to protect her. Even if it cost me my life. I might be around 2 but I know what I want. I ran to mommy and asked to hold her in my sweetest voice ever.

"Mommy can I hold her?" I asked.

" But be very care full" she said " we don't know how old she is just yet but she might be around your age."

I say down and held her tightly not wanting to let her go, ever. She held on to me tightly in a deep bear hug. Alice came to ask if she could hold her.

"No Alice she's mine! You can't have her!" I cried at her. she ran off crying. I told my new sister to wait for me on the couch. I ran after her.

I reached her door only to hear crying and Jasper's voice.

"It's okay he didn't mean it he felt like he had to protect her that's all." Jasper said in a calming voice.

I felt calmer too as if he had a secret too! I would have to tell him later I had to say sorry to Alice. And I had to do it fast because my sister wouldn't stop crying since I left.

I knocked lightly on the for and walked in slowly.

"I'm sorry Alice I didn't mean it." I said to Alice. before I knew it she has me in a big hug and then asked again. "Can I hold her now??" She asked. not wanting to be up here much longer and not wanting to make Alice cry, I nodded my head. She almost flew downstairs to hug Bella.

By the end of the month Isabella, my new sister, had her own room, a bed, toys,clothes, was in roled in daycare with us, and had gotten use to us. She was even learning to talk. I think she already knew how but just kept quite at first. Alice went with daddy to pick out Bella's stuff every time they went for something. I knew she was using her secret to get what Bella likes best. I stayed with Bella so she wouldn't cry anymore. in daycare she likes to go to the books and the crayon corner. I stay close enough to see her but not to close to be called a stalker.

I don't have to worry about her being lonley because a boy named Mike Netwon was always with her. A girl named Jessica Stanley followed Mike around too so that make two. Jessica doesn't really seem like a good friend but they just meet so I'll give it some time before judging her. Another girl named Angela Weber seems like a better friend. The. There is Eric Yorkie. They all hang out daily.

When daddy come to pick us up he said we would be eating out today because mommy was out of town for a couple of days. Alice, Bella and I wanted Panda Express while Emmett and Rose and wanted McDonald's. Alice used puppy eyes to get Jasper to pick Panda Express. Once we ate we went home and then we watched tv, washed up and fell asleep again.

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