Many Povs

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Alice POV

I was playing with the blocks when I had a vision. We were walking home to find mommy holding a baby girl! A new sister!!! Yay!!! I won't e the youngest anymore!!!! I saw that Edward and her (I still haven't learned her name) become really close and then it ends. I pout for a while before calling Edward. This should be fun...

Edwards POV

I might only be around two but I am well aware of the voices that won't be quite. I want to tell daddy but he might think I'm crazy. I told my little sister Alice about them and she told me her secret but I pink promised not to tell. Shhh!! If she knows I am doing this much I'm dead!!

   "EDWARD!!" I heard my little sisters squeaky voice yell. 'uh oh I'm screwed.' I thought. The only thing that kept me from running away was the fact that her voice sounds happy almost excited. "Alice did you have sugar again?" I asked. She knows she shouldn't eat candy right before daddy comes.

   "No I mean yes. That's not the point." She almost yelled in my ear. "We have a new sister!!!"

   A new sister? We are already five all together not including mommy and daddy.

   "How....? Never mind did your secret tell you?" I asked.

   Boy if looks could kill I would be six feet underground right about now.

   "Yes Edward it did now stop or someone might hear besides dad is out side he will be here in..." she paused for a moment "3...2...1" just as she said said '1' dad opened the door. we ran to him and he picked us up with ease. daddy does't know we know about his 'secret' but we don't tell.

   "I have a suprise for you but first we need to pick up your siblings" daddy said.

   "Let's go!!" exclaimed Alice with a giggle.

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