4 years later

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-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- ' Bella's POV


Today I start school at Forks Elementary. Alice and Edward are starting with me too. Rose Emmett and Jasper stared two years ago.

My teaches name is Miss. Jennifer. I walked in with Alice next to me and Edward a bit ahead. Mommy Esme got us new backpacks before school started. Edward's was red. Alice's backpack was green and my backpack was blue. in side we have two notebooks, a box of crayons, two pens, and eraser and three pencils. I went to the back to sit down. Alice dragged me over to sit in the front. Edward sat next to Alice. I felt my self pout because Edward didn't want to sit next to me. I saw Mike come in the class. I called out,

"Micky!!!" That's been my nickname for him since I could remember.

His head turned towards us and his smile grew large on his face and waved. The front row was full so he had to sit behind us. Jessica came in not long after and sat down with Mike.

Soon all my friends walk in and I am happy we have the same class.

Miss.Jenny , that's what she said we can call her, started class by handing out sheets of paper that say 'MY NAME IS' in big fancy writing with a line under neath to write our names.

"Today we will work on getting ready and getting to know each other" Miss. Jenny said in a clear voice."You must color the work sheet you have right now and then you will raise your hand so I can put a sticker on the Sticker Chart. A Sticker Chart is were all your names are and when your good you get a sticker and the one with the most stickers at the end of the month gets a suprise from me."

Alice began jumping up and down asking " Will it be candy? Will it will it?"

Edward and I glanced a each other and then grabbed Alice by both arm to hold her still and to keep her from jumping of the walls.

"You must be Miss Alice Cullen?" she asked. Alice nodded and said,

"And this is my brother Edward Cullen and my sister Isabella Swan but she likes to be called Bella instead." She stopped to breath and then continued "and I have a big brother named Jasper Hale and his twin sister Rosalie Hale but she likes to be called Rose and then there is Emmett Cullen. He looks mean but he's just a big teddy bear." she finished.

"Wow" Miss.Jenny said "Are you all related?"

This time Edward spoke up.

"No Miss Jenny" he answered.

"Then why are there so many of you?"

This time I answered.

"Mommy and Daddy adopted us."

She seemed shocked but the told the class to get to work while she handed out packets to keep us busy for the day. We were allowed to talk but very quietly. I talked to Alice while Edward did all his work silently. Soon a bell rang and we went to recess. There were lots if things like a jungle gym, swings, a sand box, chalk area, the tricycle area and the field. I played with my friends while Edward and Alice sat in the shade reading.

Oh well I thought that's what they want to do. Then we went back to class.

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