Untitled Part 15

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AN: (I've always wanted to try that) Okay so this chapter is when Alice Edward and Bella are 13 Emmett Rose and Jasper are all 15.
Someone's POV
Today is the day I'm going to ask her the question. It has been a long time since that day but I haven't lost any feeling for her. If anything my feelings have grown for her. I'll ask her during her favorite time of the day. Lunch. I hope I am man enough no ask her.
*RING RING RING RING* damit 6:00 AM already? I didn't sleep much tonight. I was to nervous to sleep much. Well who wouldn't be nervous. ugh I got to get ready.
Bella POV
Well this has been an interesting couple of years. I find out my parents are vampires,


"Mom where is dad?" I ask one day when my mother picked us up from school one day. Sure I love my mom but dad had promised us pizza!!
"He had to go on a trip dear." She responded.
"Dad is always going on trips." whined Alice.
"I'm sorry dear then you probably won't like that I'll have to go when your father returns." she said in a sad voice.
We all groan in union. Sure we hate it when dad goes on trips but when mom goes it's worse. We have to help around the house. And this time I was doing laundry. My least liked chore.
"I'm sorry dears but I have to go" mom said looking at us through the review mirror.
Later that week mom left and dad came home. Dad was sleeping in his room so I desided to start on the laundry before piled up. I went into my parents room and pulled out my dads white shirt but it wasn't completely white. It was stained red with BLOOD!!!
OMG what do I do!! My dad killed someone. Omg what if that's what my parents do on every trip!!
"Omg" I said sliding down the wall. What do I do. I got a hand full of my hair. Edward.He'd know to do. I got a bunch of clothes and hid the stained shirt in between it all.
"Love where are you going with that clothes?" My father asked me when I walked out of his bathroom. I yelped. "Oh and have you seen my white shirt?"
"No daddy I haven't." I said calmly but inside I'm screaming my head off wanting to run away.
"Oh okay thank you Bells."
I ran to Edward's room and showed him the shirt.
"Edward, dads shirt is stained with blood. Wha...what if dad ki...killed someone?" I ask Edward. I feel thick hot tears streaming down my face but I don't do anything about them. I'm too afraid.
"Shh Bells I'm sure dad was helping someone at the hospital." Edward said even though it was clear he didn't believe that either.
"He would have told us Edward." I told him crying.
"Let's see what our siblings think." he said.
We went to Alice's room were the other were. Alice ran up to me when she saw my tear stained face and Edwards scared face.
"What's wrong!" Alice said with Rose following behind.
"Bella what is wrong? What did you do to her Edward!!!" Rose asked when she reached me.
"Me? I didn't do anything! Show them Bella."
I felt tears run down my face faster. I raise the shirt. All there faces turn from shock to scared stiff.
"Wha...what is that." asked Jasper stuttering.
"I found it in his clothes." I said crying.
"Oh lord no dad would never hurt someone." Rose said but she couldn't hide the tears running down her face. Emmett hugged her as she cried.
"We need to call mom and tell her to come home for us."
Just them dad walks in.
"Kids what do you want for lunc... hey what's wrong?"
"AHHHH!!" All the girls ran into a corner while the guys stood in font if us.
"What's wrong!" He asked getting in a crouch letting out a hiss. "Who is hurting you!"
Just at that moment he saw the blood stained shirt.
"Oh..we need to talk. I'll call your mom. It will take her an hour or two to get here though."
2 hours later
"Kids you have to eat something." my mother says when she arrives.
"No not until we know why the shirt is covered in blood." Edward said in a firm voice.
"Kids please..." Esme begged us but we just kept in our corner.
"Very well how to explain this with out scaring you well...we aren't human." My father said. "We are vampires."
"Your going to drain us!!" Rose exclaimed. "We called you parents and you drain us!"
"Rose please we only drink animal blood that is why our eyes are gold and not red. We aren't as strong as human drinker but we can mange. And you don't have to worry about us um...drinking you we have been able to control our thirst." explained our mother.

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