What happened first.

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"Charlie?" asked Rene in a voice that told me what she wanted with out saying anything.

"Yes Rene?" I asked hoping my voice didn't give away the fear I held in.

"I'm sorry Charlie, I know I said I'd try but I can't. We are so young and haven't even finished school we need to do it now."

I wanted to cry and tell her one more month just one more but had a hard time just saying the three words she loves to hear.

"Okay Rene I'll get the stuff we need." I said holding back tears at what we were about to do.

"Actually Charlie these past years have got me really attached to it. I...I can't I'm sorry. You have to do it alone." She cried as she said these words and I couldn't take it anymore.

"SHES NOT AN 'IT' RENE" I stopped to take a deep breath. I have never raised my voice at her before but I lost it right now and you could tell she was shocked by her face. "I'm sorry Rene, love. I'll do it alone I'll be back in about an hour." I said as I went up stairs to get what I needed for this. Once that was done I left to the forest. On the way I cried. Yes a 21 year old guy cried, but wouldn't you if you were me right now? I got to the forest when I saw a house not to far from the middle of the forest. I decided to move away from there. They might hear what I was about to do.

"I'm sorry Isabella." I said as I raised the knife just about where her heart was. I closed my eyes. If I saw what I was about to do I wouldn't be able to live with myself. I dropped it down only to feel something that was not a baby's skin under the knife. It was larger harder and colder. I looked down to see that the town doctor have placed his bag between me and my child.

"Charlie what are you doing?" He asked stunned.

I couldn't take it I said a simple sentence before leaving "Tell Isabella Marie Swan I'm sorry and I love you dear. We tried."

I ran off with out another word. The drive was long and sad but my wife believed I finished her off and that's what I let her believe.

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