Edward's POV

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   After picking up Jasper, Emmet, and Rose we went home. I knew we had a sister but didn't let on so that daddy won't know about Alice's secret. All I know is she is about may be a few months younger that me probably closer to Alice's age. We get home after was feels like 4ever (see what I did? No? Just me? okay then).  I run to the dirt with Alice right on my heels squealing with joy. Jasper was right behind her laughing at her hyperness 'did she have sugar' I heard Jasper ask in my head. I couldn't help but smile and give a quick not towards him. Rose walked besides daddy and laughed at how childish Emmet was being not letting go of daddy's legs asking what the suprise was. I reached the door first then Alice who got a piggy back ride half way through the run from Jasper. We walked through the door because mommy doesn't like it if we run in the house. My little sister gave me an impact diffrent than what I thought I would feel.

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