The cave our new home

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Last night we arrived to the meadow Edward was talking about. We got slightly lost at the beginning. Okay I lied we got very lost. But we only go lost at the beginning.... and the middle..... and the end..... okay we were very lost. According to Edward he had only been there in the day and it was harder to find it at night.



"How much longer Edward?" I asked him after about 4 hours of walking.

"We are almost there Bella."

"Yeah sure we are. That is what you said an hour ago and 2 hours ago and 3 hours ago-"

"Isabella just shut up okay I know we are god damn lost but you don't need to keep asking me I get it your tired me too but its not that easy finding stuff in the dark." Edward shouted angrily at me.

Fine he doesn't want me to ask I wont.

I push past him and keep walking. I don't care were I sleep tonight anymore. I just want to stop fighting with Edward. I remembered a movie were the character sleeps in a tree. I think I'll give it a try.

I start to climb the first tree I see.

"Isabella what are you doing?" Edward asks angrily.

"Im hunting elephants. What have we been trying to do for the past 4 hours?" I ask him not caring about my tone.

"Haha Isabella get down here so we can find the meadow"

I try not to wince as he keeps calling me by my first name and not Bella.

"No I am going to sleep in the tree. You can go find the damned meadow for all I care"

"Bella Im sorry i shouldn't have snapped" He tells me after i have tied my self to the tree and used the backpack as a pillow.

"Your right you shouldn't have" I told him.

"Okay how about this, you come down and them we can make a tent out of your bed sheet and the rope and we can sleep there till morning."

I thought about this:

1) This is kinda scary

2) It is cold

3) It looks like it might rain

4) I miss him

"Okay but we better hurry it might start to rain soon" no sooner had the words left my lips when I heard thunder crack not to far from us.

"Speak of the devil" Edward muttered as I frantically tried to untie myself. that's when I saw the problem. The rope somehow twisted when I was setting up my backpack/pillow.

"Edward help me" I called out to him. I read some where that lighting strikes the highest objects.

"Edward please help me I'm stuck" I cried out frantically.

"What do you mean stuck?"

"My rope the knot is missing"

"A knot doesn't just walk off Bella it's around there somewhere. Now hurry up so we can start our tent."

"Edward lighting strikes the tallest objects right?"

"Yes Bella that's why you need to get down."

"Edward I'm not joking I can't untie myself." I hate to admit this but I said it anyways "Eddy, I'm scared I can't get down"

I can feel tears pushing their way around my eyes but I refuse to cry.

"Okay I'm coming up to untie you but get ready to climb down." Edward said.

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