Sorry not a chappie

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Hey guys I just want to say thanks to every one who comments encouragements. They make me feel happy and motivate me to write more.

I also want to ask you guys a favor.

please stop commenting on everything that is wrong. I get you guys want an accurate story but this is my first story. I have gotten some comment on 'how old are they' 'this doesn't make sense' and I get that the first chapters (if not all) suck. That why I'm going to edit it but I really don't need you comment in on every chapter what I did wrong. I get it especially if others already pointed it out.

I know I don't update much and I'm sorry but it's kind of hard to focus when you get told your mom might have breast cancer, when your mom is in pain all day and she still goes to work CLEANING HOUSES THAT ARE 5 X BIGGER THAT OUR HOUSE, being told that my mom need another surgery for her stomach, being told that no one wants to help my mom because it's to risky, having to deal with my sister that has become a little rebel, have a dad that doesn't care if my sister or I eat, have my best friend lie to my then boyfriend have him hate me and then take all my friends from me only a couple stuck by me and if others did to they didn't act like it then being told that your moving school (should be a relief but it's not) just when things start to get better. And more. So I'm sorry if this story isn't any good but no one is forcing you to read this.

Sorry about that rant but I would like it if those comments could stop. I know that they are just a few but I don't need extra negativity right now.

Anyways if you guy want to ask me something I'm up for talking or leave questions in the comment cuz I read them all.

I'll try to update soon but I need to edit all the chapters and find something else to continue the story with.

Peace out little vamps :) and sorry about that rant again.

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